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February 23, 2019: Sprint users of the LG X Power are now receiving a new update that installs software version LS755ZVG, bumping the security patch level to the latest version available for the handset.

The X Power update began rolling out early this month and besides the new patch level, Sprint says it also includes bug fixes and possibly lots of performance optimizations. Sprints changelog talks of an August 2018 security patch, but its unlikely to be the case considering the previous update contained the said security patch. If anything, we could be looking at the October 2018 security patch or a newer version.

Anyways, the update is rolling out over the air and having been around for at least two weeks, it’s likely that most, if not all, LG X Power users on Sprint have received the update.

Software update timeline

Cricket LG X Power update (K450)

Date Software & Android version Changelog
16 Jan 2019 K45012f | Android 6.0 Security maintenance release
07 Sep 2018 K45012e | Android 6.0 August 2018 security update
10 Apr 2018 K45012d | Android 6.0 March 2018 security patch
02 Feb 2018 K45012b | Android 6.0 January 2018 security patch

Comcast LG X Power update (K212)

Date Software & Android version Changelog
30 Nov 2018 K212V13a | Android 6.0 Wi-Fi CRACK fix and new security patch level

LG X Power (2)

Sprint LG X Power update (LS755)

Date Software & Android version Changelog
05 Feb 2019 LS755ZVG | Android 6.0 Android security patch level updated to the latest version
25 Aug 2018 LS755ZVF | Android 6.0 August 2018 security update
19 Jun 2018 LS755ZVE | Android 6.0 June 2018 security patch
21 Apr 2018 LS755ZVD | Android 6.0 April 2018 security patch
20 Feb 2018 LS755ZVC | Android 6.0 February 2018 security patch
23 Dec 2017 LS755ZVB | Android 6.0 December 2017 security patch

U.S. Cellular LG X Power update (US610)

Date Software & Android version Changelog
20 Nov 2018 US61010b | Android 6.0 Android security update, bug fixes, and improvements

LG X Power Android OS update

  • Ineligible for any major OS upgrade

Unveiled towards the end of 2016, the LG X Power runs Android Marshmallow out of the box. As of 2019, this is the same OS still running the show, so don’t expect any miracles.


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