[Device List] October security patch level release details

Google and Android OEMs are gonna release the October Android security patch updates on nearly a day-by-day basis (because there will be many!), so we thought it would be cool to have one space where you could find which devices have received the October patch update so far.

We expect the likes of Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Galaxy S7, Note 7, etc. to receive the updates before all others, but you’d surprised to know that it’s already available for OnePlus X — yes really! (with Marshmallow update, on September 28) — so expecting it soon on the flagships isn’t a baseless thing.

What’re more, Rogers is already lining up updates for October 31, 2016, which should be its own October security patch builds too, although we will see lots of such build before that date, for definite.


Here’s a list of devices that have received the October security patch, along with their software version.

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