CM14 and CM14.1 Downloads and Device List [CyanogenMod 14.1]

Update [August 30, 2017]: CyanogenMod ROM is dead, you may already now. But its work has been taken over and carried on as LineageOS ROM. LineageOS 14.1 continued where CM14.1 left off, and now, with the launch of Android Oreo update, the LineageOS 15.0 ROM is the one that will be based on Android 8.0 OS.

→ Check out the LineageOS 15.0 release date and download links and other details here.

Here is your All-in-one page for all things CM14.1, the latest version of CM14 which gets you Android 7.1 Nougat (CM14 was 7.0). Now a days, we talk a lot about CM14.1 on OnePlus 3, OnePlus One, Galaxy S5, HTC One M7 and M8, Moto G and Moto Z sets and all, but the CyanogenMod 14.1 custom ROM still excites us like it did in the days of Galaxy S, S2, HTC Evo 4G, Moto Droid X and such. So, quite admittedly, we’re complete fans of the CyanogenMod Nougat ROM, which is now going back to basics of development, something Steve Kondik talked about yesterday — and very much required. We have divided this pretty lengthy article into various parts, which are as follows (you can jump to these sections from hanging Table of contents widget in right side on Desktop, it’s same).

CM14.1 Download and Device List

Update [November 09, 2016]: Official CM14.1 build is now available for variety of devices, and we have already updated the table below with CM14.1 nightly ROM for Moto G 2014 and Xiaomi Mi3w/Mi4. Also, Moto G1, Moto G2, Moto G4, LG G3, LG G4, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Asus Zenfone 2 Laser and Zenfone 2 Selfie, OnePlus 3 and Samsung Galaxy S5 have also been added. More devices are expected soon, the list of which can be seen in screenshot below.


We’re seeing unofficial ports of the CM14 popup for different devices here and there. Although you may have come looking for CM14, you’ll be glad to know if an AOSP ROM is available that gets you Nougat right away, right? That’s why we’re listing available AOSP ROMs too.

Most of these are so experimental that the device would boot up, but many necessary functions simply wouldn’t be available (looking at you, Galaxy Note!). Sure, the bugs will be quashed, issues resolved, and builds will be stable in due time, but till then, you need to be very, very cautious before installing the ROM.

Also read: Download Android 7.0 Nougat Gapps

DeviceBased OnOfficial Page
Memopad 10 FHD LTEAOSPDownload Link
Transformer PrimeAOSPDownload link
Transformer TF700AOSPDownload link
Zenfone 2AICPDownload link
Zenfone 2 Laser 720p Z00LCM14.1
[Official, nightly]
Download link
Zenfone 2 Laser Z00LCM14Download link
Zenfone 2 Laser Z00LAICPDownload Link
Zenfone 2 Laser 1080p Z00T
Zenfone 2 Selfie 1080p Z00T
[Official, nightly]
Download link
Zenfone 2 Laser Z00TCM14Download link
Zenfone 2 Laser Z00TCM14Download link
Zenpad 8.0 (Z380KL) [P024]CM14.1 [Official]Download link
Barnes & Noble
Nook tablet
[codename Acclaim]
CM14.1 [Official]Download link
Nook tablet
[codename Acclaim]
CM14.1Download link
Aquaris M5CM14.1
[Official, nightly]
Download link
P9000Official stock ROM
[Leaked Beta]
Download link
General Mobile
GM 5 PlusCM14.1Download link
GM 5 PluscrDroidDownload link
GM 5 PlusAICPDownload link
GM 5 PlusCM14Download link
TouchPadAOSPDownload link
HD2 (!!)CM14Download link
One A9CM14.1
[Official, nightly]
Download link
One E8CM14.1Download link
One M7CM14.1Download link
One M7 SprintCM14.1Download link
One M7 SprintBeanstalkDownload link
One M8CM14.1
[Official, nightly]
Download link
One M8CM14.1Download link
One M8CM14Download link
One M8dCM14.1
[Official, nightly]
Download link
SensationCM14Download link
Honor 5XMokeeDownload link
S3 H560CM14.1Download link
S3 Plus [MT6753]AOSPDownload link
A6000CM14.1Download link
A6000CM14Download link
A6000 & A6000 PlusTeslaDownload link
A7000PixelROMDownload link
K5 and K5 PlusCM14Download link
Vibe K5crDroidDownload link
Vibe K5 PluscrDroidDownload link
Vibe K5 PlusBeanstalkDownload link
Vibe K5 and K5 PlusAOKPDownload link
Vibe Z2 ProCM14Download link
Zuk Z1CM14Download link
Zuk Z2CM14.1Download link
Zuk Z2 PlusOfficial Stock ROM
Download link
G2 Mini D618CM14Download link
G3 SCM14.1
[Official, nightly]
Download link
G3 BeatCM14.1
[Official, nightly]
Download link
G3 Sprint LS900AOSP [CypherOS]Download link
G3 Global [Unlocked, D855]CM14.1
Download link
G3 D850/855 GlobalAOSPDownload link
G3 D855 D850 VS985AICP
[Cm14.1 alternative]
Download link
G3 D851 T-MobileCM14.1
[Official, nightly]
Download link
G3 D851 T-MobileAOSPDownload link
G3 D851 T-MobileSlimROMDownload link
G3 D855 onlyAOSPDownload link
G3 D855 onlyCypherOSDownload link
G3 D855 onlyAOKPDownload link
G3 D855 onlyCM14Download link
G3 D855 onlyBeanstalkDownload link
G3 D85X LS990 VS985 F400crDroidDownload link
G4 Global [H815]CM14.1
Download link
G4 Global [H811]CM14.1
Download link
G4 T-Mobile [H811]CM14.1Download link
G4CM14Download link
G5CM14.1Download link
G5crDroidDownload link
G5 (H850) and
G5 T-Mobile (H830)
CMRemixDownload link
G5 T-MobileCM14.1Download link
G Pad 8.3AOSPDownload link
G Pad 8.3crDroidDownload link
G Pad 10.1CM14.1
[Official, nightly]
Download link
L40CM14Download link
L70CM14.1Download link
Optimus 4XAOSPDownload link
PRO5AICPDownload link
PRO5crDroidDownload link
Canvas Nitro A310CM14Download link
Moto Droid RazrCM14.1Download link
Moto Droid 4CM14.1Download link
Moto E1 (2013) [Condor]CM14.1Download link
Moto E1 (2013) [Condor]crDroidDownload link
Moto E1 (2013)CM14Download link
Moto E1 (2013)ZephyrDownload link
Moto E2 (2015)AOSPDownload link
Moto E 2015 [Surnia]CM14.1Download link
Moto E 2015 3GCM14Download link
Moto E 2015 LTECM14Download link
Moto G (2013) [Falcon]CM14.1
Download link
Moto G 4G (1st Gen) [Peregrine]CM14.1
Download link
Moto G 4G (1st Gen) [Peregrine]CM14Download link
Moto G (2013) [osprey]CM14.1
Download link
Moto G (2013)MokeeDownload link
Moto G (2013)SubstratumDownload link
Moto G (2013)CM14Download link
Moto G LTE (2nd Gen) [Thea]CM14.1
Download link
Moto G2 (2014) [Titan]CM14.1
Download link
Moto G2 (2014)Turbo ROMDownload link
Moto G2 (2014)CM14Download link
Moto G2 (2014)MokeeDownload link
Moto G2 (2014)CandySevenDownload link
Moto G2 (2014)CypherOSDownload link
Moto G3 (2015)CM14Download link
Moto G3 (2015)CM14Download link
Moto G3 (2015)CM14Download link
Moto G3 (2015)AOSPDownload link
Moto G3 (2015)MokeeDownload link
Moto G3 (2015)DominionOSDownload link
Moto G3 (2015)AICPDownload link
Moto G3 (2015)SlimDownload link
Moto G4 & G4 Plus (2016)CM14.1
[Official, nightly]
Download link
Moto G4 & G4 Plus (2016)CM14.1Download link
Moto G4 & G4 Plus (2016)AICPDownload link
Moto G4 & G4 Plus (2016)BeanstalkDownload link
Moto G4 Plus (2016)Android 7.1
[OFFICIAL Motorola]
Download Link
Moto G4 (2016)AOSPDownload link
Moto G4 (2016)CM14Download link
Moto MaxxCM14.1Download link
Moto MaxxcrDroid
[CM14.1 alternative]
Download link
Moto X (2013)CM14Download link
Moto X2 (2014)CM14Download link
Moto X2 (2014)AICPDownload Link
Moto X2 (2014)crDroidDownload Link
Moto X2 (2014)BeanStalkDownload link
Moto X PlayAICP12.1Download link
Moto X PlayAOSPDownload link
Moto X PlayTesla NDownload link
Moto X PureCM14.1
[Official, nightly]
Download link
[Official, nightly]
Download link
Android OneCM14Download link
Android One 2nd Gen
(Qualcomm processor)
CM14Download link
Android One 2nd Gen (seed)
(Qualcomm processor)
CM14.1Download link
Nexus 4CM14.1
[Official, nightly]
Download link
Nexus 4CM14.1Download link
Nexus 4XenonHDDownload link
Nexus 4OmniROMDownload link
Nexus 4AOSPDownload link
Nexus 4AOSPDownload link
Nexus 4SubstratumDownload link
Nexus 4MokeeDownload link
Nexus 4Nexus4everDownload link
Nexus 4CM14Download link
Nexus 5CM14.1 [Official]Download link
Nexus 5 [CAF + Pixel features]CM14.1Download link
Nexus 5CM14Download link
Nexus 5 (Viper4Android)BladeModDownload link
Nexus 5EuclideanDownload link
Nexus 5AOSPDownload link
Nexus 5AudioPhileDownload link
Nexus 5 CAFCM14Download link
Nexus 5X [bullhead]CM14.1
Download link
Nexus 5XCM14.1Download link
Nexus 5XMokeeDownload link
Nexus 5XSubstratum 7.1
Pixel based
Download link
Nexus 5XCyperOSDownload link
Nexus 5XPure NexusDownload link
Nexus 5XCM14Download link
Nexus 5XSTOCKDownload link
Nexus 6CM14.1
Download link
Nexus 6Nutty AOSPDownload link
Nexus 6AOSPDownload link
Nexus 6OctOSDownload link
Nexus 6P [Angler]CM14.1
Download link
Nexus 6PPixelROMDownload link
Nexus 6PNitrogen OSDownload link
Nexus 6PMokeeDownload link
Nexus 6PMapleAOSPDownload link
Nexus 6PAOSPDownload link
Nexus 6PSTOCKDownload link
Nexus 6PSAOSPDownload link
Nexus 7 WiFi [Flo]CM14.1
Download link
Nexus 7 2012AOSPDownload link
Nexus 7 2012AOSPDownload link
Nexus 7 2013 (4G LTE) [deb]CM14.1
Download link
Nexus 7 2013AOSPDownload link
Nexus 7 2013PureNexusDownload link
Nexus 7 2013AOSPDownload link
Nexus 7 2013AICPDownload link
Nexus 10AOSPDownload link
Shield tabletTesla N (no CM14.1 yet)Download link
Shield tabletAOSPDownload link
Shield tabletDominion OSDownload link
Shield tabletAICPDownload link
OnePlus 2 [OnePlus2]CM14.1 [Official]Download link
OnePlus 2CM14.1Download link
OnePlus 2CypherOSDownload link
OnePlus 2FireHoundOSDownload link
OnePlus 2CM14Download link
OnePlus 2CM14Download link
OnePlus 3CM14.1
Download link
OnePlus 3CM14.1Download link
OnePlus 3CypherOSDownload link
OnePlus 3AICPDownload link
OnePlus 3Legend ROMDownload link
OnePlus 3TugaPowerDownload link
OnePlus 3Tesla NDownload link
OnePlus 3CM14.1Download link
OnePlus 3CM14.1Download link
OnePlus 3CM14Download link
OnePlus 3NucleaROMDownload link
OnePlus 3CM14Download link
OnePlus 3CM14Download link
OnePlus 3CM14.1 (Cohaolain OS)Download link
OnePlus 3AOSPDownload link
OnePlus 3Citrus CAFDownload link
OnePlus OneCM14.1
Download link
OnePlus OneNitrogen OSDownload link
OnePlus OneAOSPDownload link
OnePlus OneAOSP + CAFDownload link
OnePlus OneAOSPDownload link
OnePlus OneMokeeDownload link
OnePlus OnecrDroidDownload link
OnePlus OneCM14Download link
OnePlus OneCM14Download link
OnePlus XCM14Download link
OnePlus XCM14Download link
R5/R5s (international)CM14.1
[Official, nightly]
Download link
R7 plusCM14.1
[Official, nightly]
Download link
Galaxy Ace 3CM14Download link
Galaxy Express 2 (G3815)CM14Download link
Galaxy Grand 2AOSPDownload link
Galaxy Grand Prime [G530H/M/F]CM14.1Download link
Galaxy Grand PrimeCM14Download link
Galaxy Mega 6.3CM14Download link
Galaxy Note 1 N7000CM14Download link
Galaxy Note 10.1 2014CM14.1Download link
Galaxy Note 10.1 2014CM14Download link
Galaxy Note 2AICPDownload link
Galaxy Note 3CM14.1Download link
Galaxy Note 3CM14Download link
Galaxy Note 4AOSPDownload link
Galaxy Note 10.1 [2013] [N801x]AOSPDownload link
Galaxy Note 10.1 [2014] [SM-P605]AOSPDownload link
Galaxy S Duos / Trend Plus
CM14.1Download link
Galaxy S2 i9200CM14Download link
Galaxy S2 T-Mobile T989CM14Download link
Galaxy S3 i9300CM14.1Download link
Galaxy S3 i9300AICPDownload link
Galaxy S3 i9300CM14Download link
Galaxy S3 i9300CM14Download link
Galaxy S4 LTE i9505CM14Download link
Galaxy S4 MiniAOKPDownload link
Galaxy S4 MiniAICPDownload link
Galaxy S5 Verizon
model G900V | kltevzw
[Official, nightly]
Download link
Galaxy S5 US Cellular
model G900R4 | klteusc
[Official, nightly]
Download link
Galaxy S5 Sprint
model G900P | kltespr
[Official, nightly]
Download link
Galaxy S5 Vodafone
[Official, nightly]
Download link
Galaxy S5 T-Mobile, AT&T, Global
model G900F/T/A | klte
[Official, nightly]
Download link
Galaxy S5 Australia
[codename kltekdi]
[Official, nightly]
Download link
Galaxy S5 Duos
[codename klteduos]
[Official, nightly]
Download link
Galaxy S5 Duos
[codename kltechnduo]
[Official, nightly]
Download link
Galaxy S5 G900FD [Dual-SIM]CM14.1Download link
Galaxy S5 G900FCM14Download link
Galaxy S5 G900FZenromDownload link
Galaxy S5 G900FAICPDownload link
Galaxy S5 Mini
G800F/M/Y (Not for G800H)
CM14.1Download link
Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4″ Wi-FiCM14Download link
Galaxy Tab S
AOSPDownload link
Galaxy Tab S T700AOSPDownload link
Galaxy Tab S T705AOSPDownload link
Galaxy Tab S T705CM14Download link
Galaxy Tab S T800AOSPDownload link
Galaxy Tab S T805AOSPDownload link
Galaxy Tab S2AOSPDownload link
Xperia LCM14Download link
Xperia LAICPDownload link
Xperia LAOSPDownload link
Xperia LCypherOSDownload link
Xperia MCM14.1
[Official, nightly]
Download link
Xperia MAOSPDownload link
Xperia M5AOSPDownload link
Xperia SCM14Download link
Xperia SP [huashan]CM14.1
Download link
Xperia SPAOSPDownload link
Xperia SPCM14Download link
Xperia SPAICPDownload link
Xperia T [mint]CM14.1 [Official]Download link
Xperia TCM14Download link
Xperia TX [hayabusa]CM14.1 [Official]Download link
Xperia TXCM14Download link
Xperia V [tsubasa]CM14.1 [Official]Download link
Xperia VCM14Download link
Xperia XAOSPDownload link
Xperia ZCM14Download link
Xperia Z TabletCM14Download link
Xperia Z UltraCM14Download link
Xperia Z UltraAOSPDownload link
Xperia Z1AOSPDownload link
Xperia Z1AOSPDownload link
Xperia Z1 CompactAOSPDownload link
Xperia Z1 CompactAOSPDownload link
Xperia Z2DP3/4Download link
Xperia Z2AOSPDownload link
Xperia Z2 TabletAOSPDownload link
Xperia Z2 tablet LTEAOSPDownload link
Xperia Z2 tablet Wi-FiAOSPDownload link
Xperia Z3AOSPDownload link
Xperia Z3AOSPDownload link
Xperia Z3 CompactAOSPDownload link
Xperia Z3 Tablet LTEAOSPDownload link
Xperia Z3 Tablet Wi-FiAOSPDownload link
Xperia Z3+/Z4AOSPDownload link
Xperia Z3+/Z4AOSPDownload link
Xperia Z4 Tablet LTEAOSPDownload link
Xperia Z4 Tablet Wi-FiAOSPDownload link
Xperia Z5CM14.1Download link
Xperia Z5Sony AOSPDownload Link
Xperia Z5AOSPDownload Link
Xperia Z5 CompactAOSPDownload link
Xperia Z5 CompactAOSPDownload link
Xperia Z5 PremiumAOSPDownload link
Xperia ZRCM14Download link
Xperia ZLCM14Download link
YuniqueCM14Download link
YuphoriaAOSPDownload link
YurekaCM14Download link
YurekaCM14Download link
Mi3w/Mi4 (cancro)CM14.1
[Official, nightly]
Download link
Mi3w/Mi4 (cancro)CM14Download link
Mi3w/Mi4 (cancro)SubstratumDownload link
Mi3w/Mi4 (cancro)AOSPDownload link
Mi3w/Mi4 (cancro)Nitrogen OSDownload link
Mi3w/Mi4 (cancro)CM14Download link
Mi3w/Mi4 (cancro)crDroidDownload link
Mi4c (libra)CM14Download Link
Mi5 [gemini]BeanstalkDownload Link
Mi5 [gemini]CypherOSDownload Link
Mi5 [gemini]AICPDownload Link
Redmi 1S [armani]CM14.1
[Official, nightly]
Download link
Redmi 1SCM14Download link
Redmi 1SAICPDownload link
Redmi 2CM14Download Link
Redmi 2Dirty UnicornsDownload link
Redmi 2Tesla ROMDownload link
Redmi 2crDroidDownload link
Redmi 3 [ido]CM14Download link
Redmi 3 [ido]CM14Download link
Redmi Note 2CM14Download Link
Redmi Note 3CM14.1 [+VoLTE]Download link
Redmi Note 3CM14.1Download link
Redmi Note 3SubstratumDownload link
Redmi Note 3Slim7Download link
Redmi Note 3CM14Download link
Redmi Note 3CM14Download link
Redmi Note 3AOSCPDownload link
Redmi Note 3Tesla NDownload link
Redmi Note 3CypherOSDownload link
Redmi Note 3 Pro [Kenzo]XenonHDDownload link
Redmi Note 4G (dior)CM14.1Download link
Redmi Note 4G (dior)CM14Download link
Redmi Note Pro (leo)CM14Download link
StormSlimROMDownload link
Swift 4GCM14Download link
Swift 4GcrDroidDownload link
Swift 4GDirty UnicornDownload link
Axon 7CM14.1Download link
Nubia N9 (nx512j)CM14Download link

CM14.1 Updates

Update [November 09, 2016]: The head of CM Team, Steve Kondik, today announced that the official version of CM14 ROM is about to release as CM14.1 (based on Android 7.1.1) to bunch of Android devices that includes OnePlus 3, Nexus 5X, 6P, Xiaomi Mi3w/Mi4, LG G3 and G4, Moto G sets, Galaxy S5 and Zenfone 2. He also talks about CM returning to their roots, which made them so popular. CM themes aren’t part of these experimental early builds yet, but with time, the features you expect from CyanogenMod 14.1 ROM should return to duty. [Status: Released]


Update [November 08, 2016]: Today, ZTE Axon 7 got an unofficial CM14.1 too, getting you first taste of Android 7.0 while the official Axon 7 Nougat update remains in-the-work too. That, and the Galaxy S5 Mini too gets the love of Nougat update via a CM14.1 ROM of its own too. Note that the S5 Mini with model no. G800F/M/Y only are supported, while this is clearly not for G800H. Moto X Play still doesn’t CM14, or CM14.1 if you want, but it just got a serious boost in custom firmware scene, thanks to availability of AICP, which is one of the best CM14 alternate in our eyes.

Update [November 06, 2016]: Galaxy Note 2 also gets the Android 7.0 Nougat update via AICP ROM, and even though it’s not CM14/CM14.1, this is still one great ROM for the device. Also getting Nougat update unofficially via CM14.1 is the LG G5, for which the official G5 Nougat update should be around the corner now that we’ve breach November 2016’s territory. Another device to get CM14.1 is Sprint One M7.

Update [November 05, 2016]: The CyanogenMod team has outed their first official CM14.1 ROM today, based on Android 7.1.1, for the OnePlus 3. So, that should give boost to your OnePlus 3T buy decision, if you were considering one, as in terms of aftermarket firmware development, the OnePlus 3 has beaten the like of popular and ahead-in-line devices like Nexus 5, 5X and 6P. Find the official CM14.1 download link in the device list table, under dedicated downloads section below. The CM14.1 is experimental right now, and is limited to only OnePlus 3 as of today.


Update [October 27, 2016]: And the era of CM14.1 begins. We now have our first CM14.1 custom ROM available for download, and it’s for none other than OnePlus 3, everyone’s darling. The OnePlus 3 CM14.1 brings the Android 7.1 to the device, which its own set of new features. I am for one totally in awe of Android 7.1, because of quite visible improvements I am experiencing ever since the 7.1 build made it way on my Nexus 6P. So, let the CM14.1 fun begin.

We expect current CM14 ROMs to upgrade to CM14.1 and Android 7.1 in newer versions automatically as the development continues, because as CM team starts using the Android 7.1 as base, CM14.1 is what will be the outcome of ROM cooking instead of CM14. But yes, there has to be active development and new ROM must be built. If a project is dead now, you cannot hope for the CM14.1 from the same, but there will be hopefully a new project for CM14.1.

MORE: Okay, the OnePlus 2 also ha a CM14.1 ROM to its name. Like we said earlier, the same project that brought the CM14 to OnePlus 2, is now churning out Android 7.1 based CM14.1 builds for the device in its latest version of ROMs. So, if you wanted to use OnePlus 2 Android 7.1 ROM, it’s available now.

ALSO: Nexus 10 gets the unofficial Nougat update too. And even though the Nexus 10 CM14 hasn’t arrived yet, we’re sure that its time is coming soon too, now that an AOSP Android 7.0 build for the nexus 10 is live!

Update [October 25, 2016]: Well, the Moto G4 and G4 Plus now have the CM14 aka CyanogenMod 14 ROM available. They already had Nougat available as an AOSP, but it’s available as CM14 too, now. And that’s not all, the official one from Motorola is also available as Moto G4 Plus Nougat soak test. Moto X 2014 got the taste of AICP Nougat ROM also today.

Update [October 24, 2016]: We now have the Android Nougat available via CM14 ROM for the original Moto X (2013 edition). Also, AICP is available for both variants of Zenfone 2 laser.

Update [October 17, 2016]: New devices gracing the CM14 have almost dried up, with no new device being added to the CM14 list of devices below. Maybe when official nightly release of CM14 starts, this would change. For today, well, the Tesla ROM, must loved by users, is now available on the OnePlus 3 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 3.

Update [October 12, 2016]: Some more Android devices are getting the taste of Android Nougat. We now have CM14 available for Meizu PRO5 and HTC sensation. Moreover, a solid AOSP based ROM is available for the OnePlus One, which is appearing as first ROM for the device in the list below. Have fun!

Update [October 09, 2016]: The Galaxy Note 4 at T-Mobile now has the unofficial Nougat build available, based on AOSP 7.0 code. Even though not CM14, this is amazing! See the table below for download link and install instructions. And when you need Gapps, find its Nougat Gapps right above the table below. We’ve added the Xiaomi Redmi 3 to the CM14 party, too. You really gotta experience the Android 7.0, it’s one of the best things you could do right now. The ROM’s name is Beanstalk, which is based on CyanogenMod sources.

Update [October 08, 2016]: Having seen benchmarks of Lenovo Zuk Z2 running Android 7.0, we now totally believe the Z2 Nougat update is around the corner. See the proof here. It seems it’s being tested on both the Z2131 and Z2121 edition. Moreover, for the Nexus 6 users, the OctOS ROM is also available, based on Nougat of course. Redmi 2, Redmi Note 2 and Redmi Mi4c have also been added under the CM14 ROM umbrella.

Update [October 06, 2016]: Some great news for all LG G3 users! The CrDroid ROM brings the Nougat update is pretty good form to your device, whether that be at verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint or in Korea or Europe. Enjoy the taste of Nougat! Moreover, the Lenovo Zuk Z1 is now beaming with Android 7.0 too, thanks to none other than CM14 ROM.

Update [October 01, 2016]: We’re yet to see CM team come up with the official CM 14 ROMs, which we think would come first of all for the Nexus devices like Nexus 5X and 6P. But the good news is that many great devices now have the unofficial build of CM 14 available: like the Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, LG G3, OnePlus 3, OnePlus 2, HTC M8, Zenfone 2 laser, Moto E, Moto G, Moto X, Galaxy S2 (still!), Xperia X and Xperia Z, Redmi Note 3, Mi3, etc.

Update (September 24, 2016): We are yet to see an official CM14 custom ROM come out for any device, let alone the Nexus 5X and 6P, which are first in line to run the glorious CM14 ROM. Though, we hope the CM14 release isn’t very far now, and that out original anticipated date target is met.

That said, the CM14 is now available for many devices, but except for some device, the ROM is still in alpha stage for most devices. You naturally need to give developers time to make the ROM stable on all fronts. Because Android Nougat is a big update, the changes involved are greater.

Update (August 27, 2016): Here is some good piece of news for the fans of CyanogenMod ROM: the development for the CM14 ROM has link begun. Once Google uploaded the Nougat code to AOSP, CM team was quick to begin their work. Some developers have even starting working on CM14 for few devices as well: OnePlus 3 and Nexus 5X.

Also read: OnePlus 3 Nougat release

Now that Android Nougat is fully released, and what’s more, the Android 7.1 is already in sight too. So, it raises hopes a notch up as regards when — and that’s a big WHEN — Cyanogenmod 14 (CM14) ROM would be released — because we all know it will exist in near future for sure.

Mind you, the Cyanogenmod 14 isn’t an official name, neither is its abbreviated version CM14, but we’re sure the next version of Cyanogenmod will be CM14, because we just know it. It was CM12 for Android 5.1, CM13 for Android 6.0, so the next logical version for next Android update, Nougat, is CM14.

Well, Cyanogenmod ROM is the most popular ROM out there, one that also serves as silent base for countless other ROMs. It’s been a window of hope for those looking to get stock Android UI on their device, especially when OEMs take the life out of UI by imposing their own massive and boring, not to mention ugly, custom skins.

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CM14 Release Date

Status: Released [November 09, 2016]

Expected on: mid-November 2016. October 2016 (2nd week). Here’s why?

Update [November 09, 2016]: The CM14.1 official builds are now available for download for selected devices (see the device list below for which ones). The builds are available as nightly type, which is one above the experimental type that we featured for the OnePlus 3 few days ago. Right now, the themes feature doesn’t work, but it should be long before it’s made part of the CM14.1 too.

As said above, the work has started on the CM14 ROMs over at Github, the central station of the code. We already have ports of CM14 ROMs available for numerous devices, which we tried to list out in separate section below. Mind you, CyanogenMod is yet to release a ROM, as these ports are self-cooked ROM by users using the code available from CyanogenMod team.

Stable release of the CM14 would definitely take some time. When ROMs are stable enough to be used as daily driver, CM team will release them themselves. But let’s try to find out expected release date of that happening.

Update [October 27, 2016]: We’re at the end of October, and still no signs of official CM14, or CM14.1 release by the CyanogenMod team. In the last few weeks, we’ve heard a lot about the instability at CM, so it was kind of expected that CM release may not come in a timely manner. We still hope for the release by mid-November, and with CM14.1 taking the lead for major devices, as we have already seen the unofficial CM14.1 appear for one device, OnePlus 3, on 27th October.

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Let’s take an example. A real one. For Cyanogenmod 13, which was based on Android 6.0, it took nearly over one and a half month.

Google started rolling out the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update on October 5 last year, and uploaded it to AOSP the same day too. But it was only on November 24 that Cyanogen team released their first build of CM13. So, that’s 50 days, around 1 month and 20 days it took CM team to fork out their first CM13 build for selected devices, while most of the devices received CM13 support only later on.

We can expect similar release gap between AOSP release of Nougat and CM14’s release. As Google released the Android Nougat as an OTA to Nexus devices on August 22, to which we add the Marshmallow time gap calculated above of 50 days, our expected CM14 release date would come to October 11, that is, second week of October 2016.

What do you think?

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Will my device get CM14.1?

Well, look at CM13’s page here. Is your device listed on the left panel of that webpage, and does it have a CM-13 ROM file available for download? If yes, then CM13 is available for your device, which is why we think the CM14.1 will be available too on your device.

However, if CM13 isn’t available, there are very slim chances of CM14 appearing for your poor device.

Much depends on the OEMs too. Most of the Motorola and Xiaomi devices will be rocking the CM14, we’re sure, but we can’t the same thing with equal confidence for Samsung and LG’s latest and greatest, like the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6, LG G5, HTC 10, etc.

The older devices from Samsung like the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Grand, Ace, etc. should see the CM14 ROM making the cut. Moreover, the last year’s Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5, Galaxy A7, Galaxy A8, Galaxy A9, etc. should receive the blessing of CM14 too. The older Note sets like Note 2 and Note 3 could also easily see CM14 release.

Talking HTC, the HTC One M9, One M8, One M7, One A9, and some Desire devices that already rock CM13 are a sure shot to receive the CM14 custom ROM.

Besides, know that almost all Motorola devices will be solid and working official CM14 released sooner than later. That of course includes Moto X, Moto X2, Moto X3, Moto X Pure, Moto G, Moto G2, Moto G3, Moto G4, Moto E, Moto E2, Moto E3 (just launched), Moto X Play, etc. And perhaps the already-unveiled but launching-soon flagships Moto Z and Moto Z Force.

Let’s talk another major OEM now, LG. Well, we don’t see any hurdle blocking CM14 release for LG G2, G3, G4 and LG V10. Older Optimus devices like Optimus G, L70, L90, etc. could also see CM14 hitting, either officially or unofficially.

Most or many devices from Xiaomi, Sony, Huawei, ZTE, Wileyfox, etc. should get CM14 — although it could take considerable time. So, if you are sporting a Xperia Z, Z1, Z2, Z3, or Xperia M, be hopeful of CM14.

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Oh BTW, did we tell you that the Google Nexus devices — new or old — will surely receive CM14 support. Of course, we aren’t talking Nexus One and Nexus S like old sets here, but who knows, one dev with lots of free time could cook one ROM for those devices too in his leisure time.

Lastly, the OnePlus sets are almost a 100% given for CM14: the OnePlus One, OnePlus 2, OnePlus X and OnePlus 3.

While some Oppo devices, the Find 5, Find 7a, find 7s, N1, N3, R5, R7, etc. look set for CM14 too.

That’s it.

Why CM14.1?

Well, that’s one pretty obvious, and easy to explain.

First up, because you and us all adore stock UI — the UI that is envisioned by Google for Android — more than any other custom UI from OEMs. Other than that, there are host of cool features and theme options that swing our hearts towards CM14.1.

Do share your ‘CM FTW! reason’ in the comments section below.

If you ever used a Nexus device, you know what stock UI feels like — it’s a lot pleasing, and beautifully implemented, than what Samsung’s TouchWiz, HTC’s Sense, LG’s LG UI, or any other OEM UI gets you.

That told, know that Motorola doesn’t stick its own UI anymore on its devices, and rather has opted for the stock UI, which is one solid plus point when recommending Moto devices, apart from the fact that it also allows the company to release BIG Android updates way before the likes of Samsung and LG for most of its devices.

Stock UI is the deal here — the true beauty really! Animations are super fluid, latest UI features from latest OS upgrade are put to best use, and above all, it just looks cool. Which is why most of the Android Pros you will meet will be sporting a Nexus, and not the latest flagship from Samsung, LG, HTC, etc. — especially, now that Nexus devices too sport superior hardware (here’s looking at you Nexus 6P).

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Why Not CM14.1?

But over the last few years, the craze for the Cyanogenmod ROM has gone down by considerably. Main reason for this is performance issues with the device, and its camera — all down to the fact that OEMs (Samsung comes first to mind!) have stopped sharing the source code of their device, something that’s a must-have for devs to work on and create a good-working CM14.1/AOSP ROM.

Moreover, their is a birth of large no. of OEM features in last 2-3 years, which go missing on CM ROMs. And the thrill of CM ROM gets a kill when there are OEM-features that come with device, and are a must-have for you, but won’t be supported naturally on CM14. We’re talking about Samsung’s KNOX like stuff here. Moreover, Google’s Android Pay won’t work either when a device is rooted.

For an average user, taking hit on camera performance is a big blow. It now-a-days, certainly remains best on OEM’s stock ROM. Because of lack of sources from OEMs, devs can’t fully utilize the camera to its full potential, and there remains a size-able visible drop in performance as such.

Do let us know your thoughts on CyanogenMod 14.1 ROM.

While it’s still very popular, these days the flagships it was most wanted on back in those days have changed considerably. We used to wait impatiently over CM release on Galaxy S sets, but now, it’s the OnePlus sets that see the most users of CM. We still wish Samsung opens up for custom ROM development, but we won;t hold our breadth for this.

Do let us know of your requests and views about CyanogenMod 14.1 ROM in the comments section below.


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