Xperia Z5 Nougat update: January release looks set!

Update [December 16, 2016]: Today, Sony released the Android 7.0 update for its Xperia X, X Dual and X Compact devices. The build of the Nougat update for these devices is 34.2.A.0.266, and it’s already out as OTA.

As for the Xperia Z5 Nougat release, the January 2017 launch looks very likely. maybe the first half of Jan ’17.

Update [December 01, 2016]: Sony has begun sending out the Nougat update for its Xperia XA and X Performance users, with software version being 39.2.A.0.327. The XA dual and X Performance dual are also receiving the Android 7.0 update.

Update [September 26, 2016]: A document supposedly belonging to Sony reveals that the Xperia Z5 Nougat update is set to release in the month of December 2016, along with Z5 Compact, Z5 Premium, Z3+ and Z4, and finally, the Z4 tablet. Read more about this, including which Sony devices will receive it first, at the Sony Nougat update roadmap here.

[September 25, 2016]: Sony recently updated its Xperia Beta Program app to announce the availability of pre-release test Nougat firmware for some selected users of Xperia X performance. That signals the progress Sony’s Nougat update has made, as it appears almost ready at Sony, enough to hand it to some selected users for testing.

If there aren’t major bugs, we can expect the Sony Nougat update to rollout for Xperia X Performance after a while, say a month of testing and required bug fixing. Once that happens, the Xperia Z5 Nougat update should be close too. And that’s what makes this info so newsworthy for Z5 owners waiting for Nougat release.


Xperia Z5 will soon have its software version changed to 32.1.D.0.349, as this is the latest update to hit the Z5 users worldwide. No longer the Xperia flagship, the device was the last in the Z series of cool devices Sony produced for ling time.

The update is already out in Japan as Softbank, and its changelog includes ‘Charging optimization’ — this should result in quicker charging of the device, or less battery lost while charging.

We don’t have much info yet on the Z5 Nougat update — although it’s confirmed to receive it — but when matters more then whether.

Let’s shed some light into this topic, then, shall we?

Xperia Z5 Nougat update release

Expected release date: March 2017.

Well, the update is sure to come, as Sony has officially revealed it. Though, it was not surprising at all because it was a no-brainer anyway, for the company’s last flagship to receive the latest Android OS update.

But when would it receive the said Android 7.0 Nougat update is a matter of discussion, and given Sony’s release timing ability — or lack thereof — a matter of concern too.

To us, it looks like the Xperia Z5 Nougat update would start rolling out sometime in Q1 2017, but if you want us to narrow it down, then well, watch out for Z5 Nougat in February 2017, but we gotta say, early-March 2017 looks more likely.

It will be more clear when the Sony Nougat update comes out for other devices, whose release will definitely precede that of Xperia Z5, like Xperia XA, Xperia X, XA Ultra, etc.

You can simply two months to the first release of Nougat update for Xperia X lineup.

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