One M9 Nougat update: AT&T releases Android 7.0 update

Update [May 16, 2017]: AT&T One M9 is today receiving the long overdue Nougat OTA update as software version 4.27.502.7. The Android 7.0 upgrade gets you revamped notifications shade and Settings app, along with features like bundled notifications, direct reply, quick switching to previous app with double tap on Recents key, better Gaming experience thanks to Vulkan API support, and more. Besides Nougat, the 4.27.502.7 update also brings latest security patches, which should up to month of April or May 2017.

AT&T One M9 Nougat update

Update [May 05, 2017]: HTC is releasing a new update to the One M9. The update, which arrives as build 4.30.617.12 also includes the latest security patch. This ensures that malware and known threats don’t affect your device thereby keeping your data safe. Since this is a large update weighing in at 504MB, download the update over WiFi to save on additional data charges.

Update [May 04, 2017]: The One M9 is currently receiving a new update from HTC. The update arrives as build 3.37.605.29, and also includes the latest security patch. To receive this update your device must be running the previous software version which is 3.37.605.28. Download the update over WiFi to save on data charges.

Update [April 25, 2017]: The HTC One M9 in Asia is receiving its update to Nougat now. The update arrives as build 4.23.425.1 and also includes the latest security patch along with all the new Android goodies that come with Nougat. Since the update is sized at around 1.52GB, it is better to download over WiFi to save on data charges.

Update [April 12, 2017]: Sprint has begun rolling out the Nougat update for its HTC One M9 too today. The update has been out for the European users for some time, but now it’s available at almost all carriers in USA too. Released as software version 4.27.651.4, the OTA should be hitting all devices in gradual manner; it may take Sprint 2-3 weeks to complete the rollout.

sprint one m9 Nougat

Update [April 11, 2017]: Verizon is starting to push out the March security patch to the HTC One M9. Going by build number 3.37.605.28, the update deals with various issues and bugs from the previous build, 3.37.605.19. The Marshmallow based update also includes improvements to usability and performance which provides a smoother user experience. As for Nougat, Verizon may roll out the update soon, seeing as other variants have already received it.

Update [April 10, 2017]: The March security patch is now rolling out to the One M9. The update, identified as version 4.30.617.2is being seeded over the air and weighs in at 466.77MB. A host of security issues and other minor bugs will be fixed with the installation of this update. In addition to that, system enhancements and performance improvements are also included.

Update [February 21, 2017]: HTC has begun rolling out the Android 7.0 update for the 64GB variant of HTC One M9 in Taiwan now. The Nougat OTA comes as software version 4.16.709.3, and is sized around 1.57GB. You also get monthly security patch fixes along with the Android 7.0 upgrade, which brings features like split-screen, bundled notifications, direct reply, revamped settings, etc. to the device.

Update [February 02, 2017]: HTC One M9 Nougat update now also rolling out in Mainland Europe, Turkey and South Africa. Other countries to follow soon.

Update [January 24, 2017]: HTC has begun updating its One M9 smartphones in UK (in fact, all of Europe) to Android 7.0 Nougat update. The 7.0 OTA comes as software version 4.14.401.7, and weighs in at 1.27GB. The update also brings January security patch, which is commendable of HTC. Now, even though the latest Android OS version 7.1.1, we have to appreciate HTC for rolling out the update for 2015 flagship, One M9 in US and Europe, as Samsung is still busy releasing the update for its Galaxy S7, while its 2016 masterpiece in Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are still about a month away from Nougat release. RUU for Nougat update 4.14.401.7 is not available at the moment.

Update [January 13, 2017]: Verizon is rolling out December security patch to HTC One M9 with software version 3.37.605.19. The update is based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. If you haven’t received the update notification yet, be sure to check for it manually from Settings » About phone » System update section on your phone.

Update [January 13, 2017]: Looks like our Canadian friends are going to get a taste of Nougat update very soon on their HTC One M9. As just got the confirmation from Telus on this, who have marked January 16 as the date they would release the One M9 Nougat update in Canada.

Update [January 04, 2017]: Today, HTC and T-Mobile released the Nougat update for their 10, which makes us hope for a quick release for the One M9 too. It didn’t take HTC too long to release the Android 7.0 update for the unlocked One M9 after bestowing it down to HTC unlocked 10 sets, so that’s a good reason to hope for quicker release of 7.0 on T-Mobile One M9.

Update [December 22, 2016]: Nearly after 15 days since HTC started rolling out the Android 7.0 Nougat update for the One M9, there is a new maintenance update rolling out now. The update carries the software version 4.19.617.7, and is available for developer edition One M9 variant, weighing in at 559.85MB. This is not Android 7.1.1 update, if that’s what you wanted to ask, as it’s based on Android 7.0 code only, but install the latest December security patch on the One M9.

Update [December 06, 2016]: The One M9 Android 7.0 Nougat update is rolling out as software version 4.14.617.6, and many users are reporting that it’s available in various parts of the world. have a look at the screenie below. The update is sized 1.21GB, BTW, so make sure you have a WiFi connection ready for this.

Besides 7.0, the update also looks like packing in November/December/both security patch. So, when Rogers said the One M9 update was coming soon (see below), they really had some solid info.



The HTC One M9 is now receiving the Android Nougat update, but it’s the unlocked sets that are up for it right now. The Taiwanese tech major has confirmed though that the US variants of the One M9 at Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and US Cellular would receive the Nougat OTA in early next year, which should be January 2017.

Update [November 25, 2016]: HTC just made the Android Nougat update for HTC 10 official today, while also releasing it right away for the unlocked variants. We already had hint of that thanks to Nougat ROM with version 2.28.401.6 leaking on the web earlier, but all in all, we can now expect HTC to rollout One M9 Nougat, and that could happen in December 2016.

Update [November 23, 2016]: One M9 is receiving a new build as an OTA update today at T-Mobile, which comes as software version 3.39.531.41, an upgrade to 3.39.531.31 build. The latest update looks to pack in November patch, while it’s still based on Marshmallow. We expect the Nougat update to drop by December end, or early January for T-Mobile variant of HTC One M9, while European set and that in Canada could get it by December. The update is sized at 106.7MB, FYI, while T-Mobile software page is yet to acknowledge the update.


Update [November 22, 2016]: The One M9 Nougat update just got an official release date, without getting one exactly. Rogers just updated its software update page to let us know that they are looking to update their One M9 sets to Nougat, and have marked the release as ‘coming soon‘. So, not an exact date, but yes, a full official indication that the update it near, and we think it could take a maximum of 3-4 weeks before Rogers releases the Android 7.0 OTA for its users.


That has one more significance. Because we’ve seen HTC launch their major Android updates to European sets before contract-tied ones, chances of One M9 Android 7.0 update hitting Europe are great, maybe within next two weeks. Looks like HTC will meet its claim of looking forward to update One M9, One A9 and 10 to Nougat before December, after all.

Update [November 14, 2016]: Trusted source, LlabTooFer, has revealed that one can expect the One M9 Android 7.0 update to arrive by December end, or first half of January 2017. In case you didn’t know, the HTC 10 Nougat update is set for release in November end, or early December 2016.


Update [November 10, 2016]: Verizon has started rolling out the 3.37.605.17 OTA for its HTC One M9 users, which aims to patch the device to latest security patch from Google. November patch for the Android device is out from Google now, and we guess it should be this patch that is part of the update as Verizon didn’t specify which. Anyway, hit up Settings and look for the system update under About device section. That’s all of the changelog that’s available.


Update [October 25, 2016]: A BIG update is out for the Asian and European HTC 10 sets, whose build no. is stated as 3.35.401.32. The update brings system stability improvements, and is sized to the tune of 676.17 MB. Yup. The changelog only states that it’s all about ‘Major System Improvements’. This could easily be penultimate update, which could serve as a base of Android 7.0 Nougat build. What do you think?


Update [October 18, 2016]: HTC and T-Mobile have releases a new software update for their One M9, bringing up the version to 3.39.531.31. The update brings the latest monthly security patch to the device, and nothing else is part of the changelog, provided below.


Update [October 12, 2016]: Verizon has outed a new 6.0.1 update for the One M9, whose software version is 3.37.605.15. The update brings the latest security patch to the device, Verizon said, but it didn’t exactly tell which month’s patch it is. Well, it should be October patch, but it could easily be September one too. Anyway, you tell us if you have the One M9 with you at Verizon, once you have got the OTA which is under rollout already.

In other news, it’s being reported that HTC 10 will be first device to receive Nougat from HTC (which was obvious) and that it could happen at the end of this month, or early November. This is relevant for M9 users, as once the Android 7.0 build from HTC it’s the 10, One M9 is next in line along with the A9 — the three devices HTC has promised to update to Nougat before we welcome year 2017.

Update [September 29, 2016]: T-Mobile just confirmed that the development of the One M9 Nougat update under development at HTC, as the carrier marked the update progress as ‘Manufacturer Development’. Once HTC has it baked, it will hand it to T-Mobile, who will conduct its own tests (2nd stage), before releasing it to the public (last stage, #3). You may be already aware that HTC has promised to update the One M9 — along with HTC 10 and One A9 — to Android 7.0 by the end of this year.


Update [September 27, 2016]: T-Mobile is also rolling out a new update for the HTC One M9, and it’s identified as software version 3.39.531.21. Thanks to LlabTooFer for revealing this, and as far as changelog is concerned, we only see ‘Android security update by Google’ listed there. So, maybe we have the September patch level here. But given the update size, some other bug fixes should be part of the 355.33 MB download, too. Do let us know if you spot any change in UI, or bug fixing.

[September 26, 2016]: The unlocked developer edition in the US of HTC One M9 is receiving a new update today to software version 3.35.617.21. the update comes in size of 309.63 MB and it’s your regular maintenance update, so no biggy!

Sprint is also rolling out a new update for its One M9, one that brings the August security patch. That’s all of changelog available. The software version of the new update is 3.38.502.17. Sprint is calling it a MR2 release, with CL682052 the code for release keys.

You still get Marshmallow, and even though nothing else looks part of the update, it’s sized pretty hefty at 496MB. The update preceding this one came on May 12, 2016, so maybe this is a pre-Nougat update that would serve as a base for Android 7.0 Nougat, which HTC says would come to all variants of One M9, including Sprint, this very year.

one m9 update

If you are using the HTC’s One M9 in USA, then be sure to check for a big update available for your already as software version 3.35.617.16. No, there is Nougat update part of this one, as we’re calling it big because of its size only — you know, all HTC says in the changelog is “Latest Android security update by Google” but the update is still sized 604.43 MB.

The update actually packs in updates for its apps, and hence the big size. Yes, HTC didn’t think it essential to list out the apps in for an upgrade in the changelog, but as long as the company remains active like this with updates, it’s not a shame.

That apart, we think the new 3.35.617.16 also fixes little issues and quashes bugs, which would explain the massive size of the update.

To update you HTC One M9, find the system updates section under Settings app, and use hit that ‘check for update’ button to see if your device is eligible for the update. If you have TWRP recovery installed, then you will need to go back to default stock recovery for the update to be successfully installed.

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HTC One M9 Nougat update release date

Update [December 06, 2016]: The Nougat update has been released now for the HTC One M9, though it’s available for the unlocked sets, meaning majority of users around the world including in Europe and Asia are in for the update, but those at US carriers are gonna have to wait.

BTW, HTC has confirmed it two times already that it would be updating the One M9 to Android Nougat. But the company has remained silent on the release date.

We’re sure that HTC 10 would be the company’s first to be treated with Android 7.0 update, and when that happens folds the key for the remaining sets in the roadmap — we would be able to figure out release date for HTC 10 Nougat update only then in a pretty good way.

We think that Android Nougat for HTC 10 could arrive by next month or October 2016, for several reasons (see the link before), and if that happens, the other popular 2016 launch devices should see the update before the end of 2016. With that, we can hope for the One M9’s Nougat update in Q1 2017, most probably in January end.

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Even though the international variant of One M9 see the update by January 2017, the US carrier like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile could take some time of their own — testing, approving, etc. — to update their One M9 to Android Nougat. You could add extra one month for T-Mobile and Sprint, while 2-3 months of delay for Verizon and AT&T variants of the One M9.

AT&T One M9 Nougat update

Expected release date: February 2017.

HTC is looking to bring the Android Nougat for One M9 sets in USA in early 2017, but while the like of Sprint and Verizon — with proven record for faster update rollout — may receive it in January, we think the AT&T would take at least February, if not March, of  2017 to rollout its own Nougat OTA for the One M9 users at the carrier.

Sprint One M9 Nougat update

Expected release date: January 2017.

Being pretty good at updates, we can expect Sprint to begin rolling out the One M9 Nougat OTA surely before the end of January 2017, as HTC has let it be known that early 2017 is when the 7.0 will be hitting US One M9 sets.

T-Mobile One M9 Nougat update

Expected release date: January 2017.

HTC today confirm the release of Android 7.0 Nougat update for the European and Asian One M9 users, while it said the American fans of the One M9 can expect the their own device to rock Nougat in early next year, which we think is January 2017 most probably, other February 2017, as far as T-Mobile One M9 is concerned.

one m9 Nougat T-Mobile

Verizon One M9 Nougat update

Expected release date: January 2017.

Verizon One M9 looks set to receive the Nougat 7.0 update sometime in January 2017. The Nougat OTA is rolling for unlocked One M9 sets already starting today, so it shouldn’t take too long now for Verizon One M9.

verizon one m9 update

Update [November 10, 2016]: The Verizon Wireless in US has started the roll out of the security patch-only update, coming as software version 3.37.605.13, based on 6.0.1 Marshmallow. We’re assuming it brings up to August level patches, speaking of which, do you know the build for Nexus devices with September level patch brings Android 7.1 to those devices?

As for the Nougat update, the carrier’s One M9 will definitely receive it officially, though that will take some time, long time actually.

If you want a date, well, do let us know how February 2017 sounds to you, because that is when we expect the Verizon One M9 Nougat update to release.

US Cellular One M9 Nougat update

Expected release date: January 2017.

The Android 7.0 Nougat update of US Cellular One M9 can be rolling out in January 2017, as the update is already out for European and Asian users, while HTC has promised the release for US soil in early 2017.

Canada One M9 Nougat update

Expected release date: January 2017.

From Rogers in Canada, we came to knew before the actual Nougat rollout that HTC is planning the rollout pretty soon. And they were so true. The update is hitting unlocked — contract-free — One M9 devices around the world starting today.

We can safely assume the One M9 Nougat released in Canada to happen in January 2017, but while Rogers and Telus look set to be among first ones, some carriers may get to release it a bit later.

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