What is yourpuppygirljenna on TikTok and why it’s super cringe-worthy even for TikTok?

What is yourpuppygirljenna on TikTok

TikTok, as we all know, is home to some very “weird” and “unique” trends. Not only do most Straight TikTokers engage in rather mindless trends, but some also take the responsibility to come up with ways to make themselves famous by creating some of the quirkiest videos. Today, we’ll take a look at one of the rising stars of TikTok, and let you decide whether it’s the most cringe you’ve ever seen on TikTok.

What is “yourpuppygirljenna” account on TikTok?

The account “yourpuppygirljenna” belongs to a female user who has taken her love for puppies a little too far. The girl — user ID: @yourpuppygirljenna — pretends to be a canine and take part in various canine-friendly activities.


The user, who has only posted three videos so far, already has over 18000 followers and 29000 likes — all in a matter of three days! The user also has an Instagram account. You can find her by clicking on this link.


Super cringe-worthy, even for TikTok

TikTok users love to create silly and quirky content, but some — like Jenna here — like to take it a little too far. If you, too, have cringed hard after watching the video, you could feel weird seeing the popularity of it. However, given how TikTok is run, that’s hardly a surprise.


“Yourpuppygirl,” just like many other popular TikTokers, treat all publicity equally — negative and positive. They don’t’ care whether their videos are getting celebrated or bashed, they only care about spreading the word and being popular. And that’s exactly what she has achieved with her dog-resembling behavior.

If this video seems super cringe-worthy to you, be sure to block the account. If not, we won’t judge you for indulging in this somewhat unorthodox brand of guilty pleasure.


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