What Apps Support SharePlay?


SharePlay is Apple’s way of making virtual interactions more fun as it users to share content from various apps directly onto a FaceTime call on any of their devices. The shared content can be anything from a song, movie, TV show, podcast, or any other kind of content that’s streamable and is supported by Apple. 

If you’re wondering what apps are supported by Apple’s SharePlay feature, this post should answer all your queries. 

What apps can you share content to?

Apple’s SharePlay feature can be exclusively used on the FaceTime app on all compatible devices. You can use the feature to share content that’s playing on your iPhone with other people on FaceTime. 

Although SharePlay supports a wide range of apps and media that you can stream/play from, you can only share it on FaceTime. This is because, SharePlay is a native feature built to work with FaceTime only, so you won’t be able to use it with other video-calling or conferencing apps. 

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What apps can you share content from?

There are a bunch of Apple-developed apps as well as apps from third-party developers that support sharing content via SharePlay. 

Apple Apps that support SharePlay

  • Apple Music – Share whatever you’re listening to with others on a FaceTime call including songs, podcasts, and other content. 
  • Apple TV+ – Watch movies and TV shows together with people on FaceTime. Everyone in the call will be able to pause playback and control other aspects of it and users can switch to watching the same content on their other devices – iPad or Apple TV.
  • Apple Fitness+ – SharePlay here lets you start a group workout on the Fitness app with up to 32 people. For this, you need to be subscribed to Apple’s paid Fitness+ plans. 

Third-party Apps that support SharePlay

  • Apollo for Reddit – Allows others on a FaceTime call to view the same Reddit subreddit, comment on threads, and highlight those that you collectively think are important.  
  • Bluebird – Focus Timer & Tasks – The app offers a Focus Together mode that allows you to manage tasks with your friends directly on a FaceTime call. 
  • Cameo – Personal celeb videos – You can use SharePlay on this app to collaborate and create videos with celebrities in the presence of all of your friends on FaceTime. 
  • Carrot Weather – Share weather info directly with your friends on a FaceTime call and earn a chance to unlock achievements. 
  • Digital Concert Hall – Watch concerts, films, and interviews together with others on a FaceTime call. 
  • Disney+ – Watch movies and TV shows on Disney+ together on FaceTime. 
  • Doneit – Share your tasks and goals with others more effectively via a FaceTime call. 
  • ESPN+ – Watch Live Sports and share scores on a FaceTime call and share your opinions with others in parallel. 
  • Flow: Sketch, Draw, Take Notes – Collaborate on a single canvas with your friends, even if others don’t have a Flow membership. 
  • Guessing Game – Offers multiplayer experience if you have friends over on FaceTime. 
  • HBO Max – Binge TV series and movies together on FaceTime. 
  • Hulu – Use FaceTime to have a watch-together session with your friends and family. 
  • Kahoot! – Play quizzes with your friends and family on FaceTime. 
  • LookUp – Learn new works and take part in quizzes on a FaceTime call. 
  • Mapless – There’s a ‘Walk and Meet’ feature so two people can find each other directly on FaceTime. 
  • Masterclass – Learn new skills and watch stories together with your friends. 
  • Moon FM – Listen to podcasts and shows with friends over FaceTime. 
  • MUBI: Curated Cinema – Watch your favorite movies with others on a FaceTime call. 
  • NBA – View schedule, scores, and stats with others on a video call. 
  • Night Sky – Gaze at the night sky together with your friends on FaceTime. 
  • Paramount+ – Binge content with family and friends remotely in a video call. 
  • Piano with Friends – Play the keyboard with friends and collaborate with them. 
  • Pluto TV – Watch live TV channels, shows, and movies with others on a FaceTime video call. 
  • Redfin Real Estate: Find Homes – Browse real estate listings with friends and family on FaceTime. 
  • Relax Melodies – Listen to content collectively on FaceTime. 
  • Share+ – Take a selfie together with everyone on a call and the app will crop the backgrounds from all the pictures. 
  • Shhh! – Play this deduction game together with your friends. 
  • Showtime – Watch shows and movies on Showtime together with your favorite people. 
  • SmartGym: Gym & Home Workouts – Share a workout session with your friends over a video call. 
  • SoundCloud – Stream audio directly with others on FaceTime without sharing it. 
  • Spotify – You can listen to songs and podcasts together with others on FaceTime as long as all participants are Premium members. 
  • TikTok – Browse through short-form videos available on TikTok but together with your friends. 
  • Translate Now – Translator – Use SharePlay to communicate with others using this translator app. 
  • Twitch – Watch live streams from others with your friends on FaceTime. 
  • Vinyls – SharePlay on this app lets you listen to music with your family and friends. 
  • YouTube – You can use SharePlay to watch YouTube videos with others. For this, the host needs to be subscribed to YouTube Premium and then start a FaceTime call. 

Apple itself showcases a bunch of apps that support SharePlay on this App Store page. You may see some notable absentees in this list including Netflix and Amazon. We “may” see any of these apps or others that support sharing content using SharePlay sometime in the future when the feature gains popularity. In addition to iPhones, you will also be able to use SharePlay on iPads, MacBooks, iMacs, and Apple TVs and supported apps on all of these platforms should be able to take advantage of this sharing feature. 

That’s all there is to know about what apps support SharePlay on iPhone.


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