How To Share Focus Status on iOS 15


Verison updates to iOS bring along a lot of new features and iOS 15 is no different. You get Live Text, Focus modes, SharePlay, rounded corners, improved background optimizations, and much more. Focus modes seem to be everybody’s favorites as they allow you to automate routines on iOS 15 to carry out various tasks or enable certain settings to help you focus better. However, when a focus mode is active on a particular device there is no way to activate the same on all your devices…or is there? Let’s find out how to share Focus Status across your Apple Devices automatically!

What is Focus on iOS 15?

Focus in iOS 15 is the all-new revamped take on the long-standing DND mode in smartphones and mobile phones. While DND muted every incoming notification, Focus aims to provide a much more personalized experience.

Depending on your current activity, you can set the desired mode on your device which will only allow relevant notifications for the current activity on your device. This could be working, reading, spending time with family, and more.

Each of these focus modes could have custom settings for your routine to let through only work or personal apps which should help you concentrate better on your current tasks.

Unlike DND, when Focus is activated on your device, you can share your current focus mode across all your devices associated with your Apple ID. Here’s how you can share your Focus status on iOS 15. 

How to Share Focus Status on iOS 15

Open the Settings app on your device and tap on ‘Focus’. 

Now enable the toggle for ‘Share Across Devices’. 

And that’s it! Any changes to your Focus mode will now only be carried on to your other Apple devices with iOS 15 signed in with the same Apple ID.

In case you this doesn’t work out for you as you had hoped, you can simply stop Focus from sharing across devices with this guide.

We hope this guide helped you easily share the Focus mode on iOS 15 across your iPhones and iPads. If you have any more questions for us, feel free to drop them in the comments section below.


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