How to Turn Off Focus on iOS 15 [6 Methods]


Apple just released the stable build of iOS 15 to owners of its iPhones, focusing more on productivity and privacy. The new iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system is refreshing the way you use your phone for different parts of the day. Known as Focus, the new feature is a revamp of the existing Do Not Disturb function on iOS allowing you to customize and schedule the way you’ll be getting notifications about calls, messages, and apps throughout the day. 

With Focus, you can concentrate more on your current work and avoid getting distracted by calls, texts, and alerts from certain people or apps based on different conditions or times of the day. If you want to use Focus on your iPhone, the following post should help you disable Focus in various ways. 

1. How to Turn Off Focus Mode

If you no longer wish to use a particular Focus on iOS, there are a few ways you can disable it on your iPhone.

Method #01: Turn off focus using Control Center

The easiest way to disable Focus is using iPhone’s Control Center. For this, you need to first access the Control Center by swiping downwards from the top right (for iPhone X or newer) or upwards from the button portion (for iPhones with a Home button) of your iPhone’s screen. 

When the Control Center appears, tap on the ‘Focus’ control center module. If you don’t see the Focus label, it should appear as the name of the focus mode you have enabled, for eg. “Do Not Disturb”.  

Now tap the currently active Focus routine to disable it. 

The selected routine will now be disabled on your device. 

Method #02: Turn off focus using Settings

An alternative way to disable Focus on your device is through your iPhone’s Settings app. For this, open the Settings app on iOS and select the ‘Focus’ section. 

Inside the Focus screen, select the Focus you want to disable. 

On the next screen, tap on the (green) toggle adjacent to the Focus’ name to disable it. If the toggle is already greyed-out, leave it as it is. 

The selected Focus has now been disabled. 

2. How to Turn Off Focus Sharing Across your Apple devices

By default, Apple has a universal toggle that you can use to enable or disable on all devices associated with your Apple ID. What this means is that when you disable a Focus routine on any one of your devices, it will turn it off for all of your other devices where you’ve signed in using the same Apple ID. Although this option is enabled by default, you can check if it’s still turned ON in your iOS device by going to Settings > Focus and enabling the ‘Share Across Devices’ toggle. 

We’ve prepared a detailed guide on this in the link below. You can follow all the steps under ‘How to restrict Focus to one device only’ except for the last one since our goal here is to keep the ‘Share Across Devices’ toggle enabled. 

How to Turn Off Focus Sharing Across on all your Apple devices

3. How to Turn Off Focus for a Specific Contact 

Apple lets you customize your Focus routines in such a way that you can always be notified of calls and texts from a specific contact, even if the Focus is active. This is done by whitelisting a contact inside the selected Focus so that they’re added to all the “Allowed People” you can get alerts from even when this routine has been activated.

To disable Focus for a contact, follow the steps provided under the “Whitelist a contact in Focus mode” section in the post provided in the link below. 

How to Whitelist a contact in Focus mode

4. How to Turn Off Focus for an App

Similar to whitelisting people when a Focus is active, you can also disable a selected Focus for an app so you can continue to receive notifications from this app when the Focus routine is active. You can whitelist all the apps that you deem is important to get alerts from no matter what situation you’re in. For instance, messaging apps like WhatsApp, iMessage, and Google Chat should be whitelisted as you may receive urgent texts from your close friends, family, or colleagues and you may need to attend to them as quickly as you can. 

To disable Focus for an app, follow the steps provided under the “Can you whitelist apps?” section in the post provided in the link below. 

How to Turn Off Focus for an App

5. How to Turn Off or On Focus Temporarily

In addition to whitelisting apps and people, you can also prevent iOS from applying Focus during a particular period of your day. This is done using the ‘Schedule’ option inside Focus that lets you turn on Focus for a specific period of time during the day as well as choose a day you want to enable a Focus for. When you schedule a Focus routine for a particular period, you’re essentially also blocking iOS from applying this Focus for the rest of the time. You can enable schedules for multiple periods of a day and multiple days of the week, however you want. The rest of the time, the selected Focus routine will stay disabled. 

To disable Focus for a certain period, you can follow the steps provided under the “Make sure Focus schedule time is correct” section in the post provided in the link below. 

How to Turn Off Focus for a Specific Time period

6. How to Remove a Focus

Disabling a Focus only stops iOS from activating it but if you’re sure that you’re no longer going to use a Focus you once set up on your iPhone, you can remove it entirely by deleting it. To delete a Focus, open the Settings app on iOS and select the ‘Focus’ section. 

Inside the Focus screen, select the Focus you want to delete. 

Next, scroll down on the next screen and tap on the ‘Delete Focus’ option at the bottom. 

The selected Focus will now be removed once and for all and will longer be available on your device. 

That’s all you need to know about disabling Focus on iOS. 

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  1. this is a horrible function … i am missing a lot of calls because this idiotic feature.
    very sad that there is no any way to totally disable it.

    thank you again apple for deciding for me how to live.


    The new update sucks. It must be nice to spend millions on nothing!

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