Instagram Sound Not Working on Stories? How to Fix


Update 24th September 2021: Facebook has acknowledged the issue and has promised a fix. An update for Instagram has been released on the App Store which seems to fix this issue for many users as of writing this update. We recommend you update Instagram at the earliest using this link. 

If you are experiencing the no sound issue on Instagram Stories, YouTube, Google Photos, etc. apps on iOS 15, then here is how to fix the issue. It’s a small fix, really, but again, it’s not a fix really. Read on.

You wouldn’t realize but Instagram Stories has been in existence for half a decade now having debuted in 2016. Since its introduction, Stories have proved to be more engaging than posts as you can simply tap on one and subsequent stories from others load up on their own. Although the app is well maintained, you may run into some issues when using Instagram or any of its features.

One issue that a lot of the users have been facing lately has been the inability to listen to an Instagram Story’s audio. It’s bugging those who updated to iOS 15 because it’s a new setting in the new OS that is the reason behind the issue.

In this post, we’ll help you fix the sound not working issue on apps like Instagram, YouTube, etc., and get you back to listening to content as you usual.

How to Fix Sound Not Working Issue on iOS 15

If you’re looking for ways to fix the audio issue on Instagram Stories, you can follow the steps listed in the fixes below. 

Fix #1: Turn Off Silent Mode on your device

Several users using iPhones reported problems with Instagram Stories on Twitter, and this discussion on Reddit confirms that the iOS 15 update is behind this apparently.

If you play an Instagram Story, the video streams as expected but without the audio. Pretty soon, users realized that this issue happened whenever their iPhone was kept in silent mode. We tested this on Instagram’s app for Android and the audio issue isn’t present there. 

The fix for this is as simple as disabling Silent mode on iOS. To turn off Silent mode, you will need to flick the Ringer switch on the left edge of your iPhone until you see the ‘Silent Mode Off’ bubble appear at the top of your iPhone’s screen.

Alternatively, simply push the switch above the volume button to remove the silent mode. Make sure it doesn’t show the orange color because that means the phone is in silent mode.

This should enable audio when watching Instagram Stories or YouTube Shorts or whatever apps you were facing the problem on. The issue appears to be specific to iPhones running the latest stable build of iOS 15. If you’re running iOS 14 or older version, you may not face this problem. 

Fix #2: Make sure the volume is not turned down

Sometimes, the solutions to some problems may be lying in front of you all the way. If you have tried disabling Silent mode on iOS but you still aren’t able to listen to the audio from any of your Instagram Stories, chances are that you haven’t turned up the volume high enough to audible levels.

To turn up your iPhone’s media volume, simply press the Volume up button on the left edge of your iPhone under the Ringer switch. 

When you do that, your current volume levels will appear as a bubble on the top left portion of your screen. 

That’s all you need to know about fixing the audio not working on Instagram Stories. 

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