Pixel 2 gets port of Pixel 3 features like Photobooth, Super Zoom and (for some) Top Shot

With the Pixel 3 series, Google introduced a few new camera software tricks like Top Shot Photobooth or Super Zoom.

But what if you’re not ready to replace your Pixel 2 with a Pixel 3, but you still want to give these new features a try?

Well, fortunately, an XDA Developers community member has managed to port these new options to the Pixel 2.

To get them on board your device you will need to edit the build.prop from the system folder (not vendor folder). Not sure how to do that? Watch this video tutorial first before you proceed.

Editing Build Prop for Hacks/Tweaks Android

Then make sure you follow the instructions that were posted on the forum afterwards.

As a reminder, Top Shot is a tool that allows you to select the best photo from a series taken at the time of the capture. Just keep in mind that the quality is reduced for the alternative photos compared to the originals. Next, Photobooth leverages the power of machine learning to identify funny faces. When it does, it snaps a selfie. Last but not least, Super Zoom combines multiple shot exposures to create a sharper, zoomed-in photo.

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Note that some of the users in the thread did not manage to get Top Shot to work, although at least one was successful by installing the modded apk from the post.