What’s new in Google Pixel 3 camera

A few hours before Google’s new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL flagships are expected to go live, a new leak has revealed all the new camera features we can expect to see on board of the new devices.

It seems that this year Google will once again be heavily relying on AI to offer tools to boost your shots. Here what we can look forward to.

Top Shot

Top Shot is a feature exclusive to the Pixel 3 which can capture a series of frames right before and after the shutter button is pressed. Then with the help of AI, the device will pick up the best photos.

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Factors that are taken into consideration in the selection process include smiles, open eyes and whether the subject is looking at the camera or not. Furthermore, Top Shot also works to decrease the resolution of less important parts of the image to just 3MP.

Super res zoom

Super res zoom is a new feature coming to the Pixel 3 which is according to a person familiar with the matter is “pretty much like AI-zoom”. While details about this new option are scarce, Super res zoom might leverage AI to create a more viewable image.


The Pixel 3 this year will feature a dual-camera setup on the front, which is a first for Google. And Photobooth is a feature designed to capture the best selfies. Machine learning is employed yet again to take a picture when people are smiling, sticking their tongue out or winking. The tool keeps the alternative, so users can select from it.

Wide angle front camera

One of the sensors of the selfie camera is a wide-angle sensor. This will allow users to capture more in their self-portraits. This option was rumored to be called “Super Selfies”, but obviously Google did not stick with the naming scheme in the end.

Subject tracking autofocus

With the Pixel 3, users will no longer have to tap on the subject to focus. The phone will do that for you. On top of that, the device will be able to track all subjects in view, not just one.

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Some design re-touches

The Google Camera app will most likely get a redesign that will allow users to switch modes by swiping above the shutter button.

Source: 9to5Google / Evan Blass (2)