Pixel 3 Top Shot feature: How to use it and which devices will support it?

Pixel 3 Top Shot camera feature

Google’s latest flagship, the Pixel 3, was announced yesterday and we’re happy that it packs in a plethora of new attractive features like Top Shot.


What is Top Shot?

Top Shot is an AI-assisted camera feature that lets you pick the perfect picture from a selection of frames where no one is blinking, and everything looks perfect. The USP is that the so-called selection comprises of the moments that you witness just before and after pressing capture. The result is that you never miss a great shot!

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How to use Top Shot?

Using Top Shot is really simple. Just turn on the camera and click a photo like you usually do, then the Top Shot feature will automatically recommend you the best frame from a selection of frames to save.

Which devices support Top Shot?

As of now, only Google Pixel 3 smartphones are known to have this feature. If there’s any news regarding the extension of this feature to other phones in the pixel family, we’ll let you know.

Will Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus and other OEM devices support Top Shot?

No. This feature is exclusive to Pixel smartphones but knock-off versions may surface from other OEMs later on.