Perks in Cold War Zombies: Full List & The Best Ones

Black Ops Cold War Zombies goes all out in delivering some stunning upgraded features as players fight hordes of the living dead on Die Maschine. Though the basic setup may look familiar, there are a variety of changes and improvements to keep things fresh and flexible.

One of them is the revamped Perk system that may require some getting used to. But fret not, for we are here to clear all doubts and shed some light on the workings of the system, the individual perks, and how they might impact your game.

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Cold War Perks System Explained

Perk machines are spread all throughout the map. Players can run up to the machine, purchase the perk, and equip it. Also worth mentioning, going prone in front of the perk machines will still net a player bonus of 100 essence.

Every machine delivers only a single perk, except for ‘Der Wunderfuzz’ machine which doles out all the perks without having to roam around the map. This makes it easy to get the perk of your choice without having to look for specific machines for a particular perk that you’re desperate for.

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Players are longer restricted to only four perks, as was the case in previous iterations, as the new system features a total of 6 perks. With Cold War, all six perks can be purchased in any order without any limitations whatsoever.

The first perk that players purchase will cost 2500 points. Every subsequent perk purchase will increase the cost by 500, regardless of which order they’re obtained in. This ensures that all the perks are innately the same, and it is up to the players to choose which perks they value more and want to get first depending on their playing style.

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A Tier-Based System

Perks are now upgradeable through a new currency called Aetherium Crystals. Every perk contains three tiers of increasingly useful abilities that players can purchase through the Aetherium crystals.

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Do note that if you go down in a match, you’ll lose perks. The first time you die, you’ll lose the first perk that you purchased; when you die another time, the second one is lost, and so on. So, you’ll lose your perks in the same order that you purchased them.

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Cold War Perks List: All the 6 Perks

Not all of the original perks have the same effects as they used to. The perks – both old and new – come with some additional details on what they can potentially do which is important to keep in mind for forward planning. So, without further ado, let’s get into these perks and their upgrades.

1. Jugger-Nog

The Jugger-Nog is essentially a health-focused perk. Its basic effect is: Increase maximum health by 50.

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This is going to be a staple amongst health-based perks. There is little change here, for why would you want to change something that ain’t broken?  Nevertheless, let’s go through the three tiers systematically and see how the good is made better.

  • Tier 1: Reduce status effect durations by 50%.
  • Tier 2: Armor Plates replenish 25% additional armor.
  • Tier 3: Increase maximum health by 100.
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The complete effects of this perk will allow players to regenerate health faster, receive additional health while sprinting, less fall damage, and even some immunity against explosives. Tier 3 effect is, arguably,  the most important upgrade to have as many Zombies veterans would concur.

2. Speed Cola

This here is a tactical-focused perk. Its base effect allows players to ‘Increase reload speed by 15%‘.

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  • Tier 1: Swap weapons faster.
  • Tier 2: Field upgrades recharge 20% faster.
  • Tier 3: Increase reload speed by 30%.
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Players will essentially be doubling up the reload speed when they get all the way to tier 3. This will definitely come in handy when you’re gunning your way through droves of zombies and don’t have the time to reload.

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3. Quick-Revive

The name says it all – revive and survive, yourself or your mates. It essentially becomes a support-focused perk with its base effect being ‘Drink to recover health and revive faster by 50%’.

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  • Tier 1: Downed crawl speed is increased by 100%.
  • Tier 2: Reduce the delay before health starts regenerating.
  • Tier 3: Reviving an ally will also heal you to full health.
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Coupled with Jugger-Nog, this perk could potentially save you from going down and losing your perks and points.

4. Stamin-Up

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Increase run and sprint speed with this movement-focused perk to get around the map faster and have the element of speed on your side.

  • Tier 1: Increase backpedal speed.
  • Tier 2: Immunity to fall damage.
  • Tier 3: Walk faster while aiming down sights.
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This perk improves not just your movement speed, but also regeneration, sliding, and gives you the ability to fire while sprinting. There’s no need to stay frozen as you’re being belted when you can scamper away to safety.

5. Elemental Pop

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This is the newest perk in Call of Duty Zombies. Its base effect says: Every bullet has a small chance to apply a random base Ammo Mod effect.

  • Tier 1: Equipment damage also has a small chance to apply a random base Ammo Mod effect.
  • Tier 2: Reduce Ammo Mod cooldowns by 20%.
  • Tier 3: When random Ammo Mod is applied it uses the Ammo Mod’s current Skill Tier instead of the base.
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This perk introduces the element of surprise to your equipment damage and could potentially freeze and incinerate the Zombies with, say, a frag grenade. Upon reaching tier 3, the ammo mod that you receive gets upgraded to your current skill tier that can prove effectively game-changing.

6. Deadshot Daiquiri

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Players who rely heavily on tanking their way through would definitely benefit from this perk’s base effect: Aiming down sight moves to enemy critical location. Remove scope sway.

  • Tier 1: Deal 100% extra critical damage if an enemy is at full  health.
  • Tier 2: Increase damage against armor pieces by 50%.
  • Tier 3: Reduce hip-fire spread.
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Deadshot Daiquiri is definitely a weapon-focused perk that trickles down its effects to improved abilities, multipliers, decreased hip-fire spread and recoil, and even the ability to carry a third weapon.

Best Perks in Cold War

Without a doubt, the Jugger-Nog and the Quick-Revive are definitely the ones to get first. The idea is simple: the more health you have and the faster you can recover it, the longer your play-time will be. A combination of these two will also ensure that you don’t die early and lose your perks.

Other than these two, Deadshot Daiquiri can buff up the damage that you deal and let you romp your way through the game. Speed cola could also potentially improve your tactical advantage when used in conjunction with Deadshot Daiquiri. Although we consider it a secondary perk, it is nevertheless quite useful to have.

When are more Perks coming?

Treyarch has announced that more perks will be introduced throughout the post-launch seasons. Things couldn’t get any better than that, though what they’re going to be is information off-limits.


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