Cold War Calling Card Not Saving? What To Do As Wait For Fix Continues

Call of Duty’s latest Black Ops game titled ‘Cold War’ is out, and it’s making all sorts of splashes in the gaming community. Most of ’em good, but some really falling flat. If you’re playing Cold War, you might’ve already encountered the now infamous ‘Splitscreen’ bug; one that we covered earlier. Another such bug that’s really bothering CoD Cold War players these days is the ‘Calling Card’ glitch in Multiplayer modes.

Calling Cards in the Call of Duty series are these emblems that players can display along with their name while playing Multiplayer. Completing challenges and gaining rank allows players to unlock better and cooler Calling cards to use. Now, a glitch in this game is resetting it back to square one, and players are rightly outraged.

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Calling Card not Saving Issue: Is Fix available?

As of now, we really don’t have any concrete fix on this issue. Like something that’s credibly working for almost everyone on average.

Source: Reddit

Players on Reddit are complaining about the same issue. Now we know it’s not a fix, but there have been some instances where players have said that logging out of the game and then logging back in has helped fix this issue for some. Even in some cases, restarting their entire console.

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When to Expect a fix for Cold War’s Calling Cards?

Rarely has it ever happened that a game got launched and wasn’t found to be having random bugs or glitches. Fortunately, in the case of triple-A games like Call of Duty, you can expect a fix or a patch to roll out any day now.

Many gamers are talking about it online, even more so on Twitter, so you know that you’re not alone in this. There are others trying their best to get this issue noticed and patched as soon as possible.

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Our suggestion:

All of us want this problem to be patched. No one should have to see any of their work go to waste, spending hours grinding and unlocking Calling Cards in Cold War only to see it reset back the other day.

Here’s what we suggest for you to do besides waiting like all of us for the fix: You can write to Activision’s support team on their website and tell them all about it. You can also tweet to Treyarch’s Twitter handle and bring their attention to this. This should surely speed up how soon they roll out the fix to this issue in the next patch for Cold War.