[Download] OnePlus 3T Oreo update firmware leaks out, official HydrogenOS build based on Android 8.0.0

OnePlus 3T Android 8.0 firmware

[Update: Installation guide added. Root guide linked too.] Original article → Well, once the Oreo OTA update rolled out for the OnePlus 3 under closed-beta testing, we have been expecting a build for the OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 5 as well. But while there is no news about similar update hitting these two devices yet, here we have a leaked Android 8.0 firmware for the OnePlus 3T, that runs the company’s HydrogenOS, which is what they call their Chinese ROM. FYI, outside of China, OnePlus used OxygenOS, speaking of which, a new beta update of the OxygenOS rolled out yesterday, bring the Blueborne security patch with it, and a new boot animation and soft screen color calibration.

Since this is a Chinese firmware, we don not recommend you to install it on OnePlus 3T devices sold outside China that come with OxygenOS. But this is still incredibly useful. You know, developers could use the files (apps, libs, etc. stuff) from this Oreo firmware and make a custom ROM for the OxygenOS-powered OnePlus 3T sets that would work alright. We think they would be able to pack Google Apps like Play Store, Play Services, etc. into the Android 8.0 custom ROM, as these app do not come with Chinese firmware.

At the moment, there are no such custom ROMs available. So, we would urge our users to keep watching this page for such ROMs, as we have our eyes open for such a ROM, and would bring it you right here once it’s available. Given that the Chinese Oreo firmware leaked only hours ago, this could take a little bit of time.

Once again, we do not recommend OnePlus 3T users who have OxygenOS installed on their phone to install the above firmware. Please wait while a custom ROM based on the above comes out. However, if you are an experienced user who knows well how to go back to stock OxygenOS build by installing the compatible firmware, well, you can give it a go — check out our installation guide below to install the Android 8.0 update on your OnePlus 3T now.

Check out our Oreo update release page for all popular Android devices, where we share the latest news on Oreo release as well as expected release date.

While OnePlus would update its latest devices (OnePlus 3/3T/5) to Android 8.0, users of OnePlus 2 would have to make do with custom ROMs. Luckily, there is one already available, check it out here: OnePlus 2 Oreo update (LineageOS 15 ROM).

How to install OnePlus 3T Oreo update (leaked firmware)

Here’s a neat guide that would allow you to install the Android 8.0 Oreo update on your OnePlus 3T right away. To get the bets idea of how it would be like, check out the screenshots added at above.

Note: This is a Chinese firmware based on OnePlus’s HydrogenOS, and thus doesn’t contain Google Apps by default. So, you won’t find the Play Store app, or the Google services app. However, you can look for the Market app among installed app after installing this, and download the Play Store app from there. Or, simply, download the Play Store APK, and install it yourself.

  1. Download the OnePlus 3T Oreo firmware (in .zip format) from here.
    • Filename: OnePlus-3T-Oreo-firmware-Android-8.0.0.zip (2.06GB)
  2. Extract the firmware to get a folder called OnePlus3T_28_A.80_170918
  3. Go into the extracted folder OnePlus3T_28_A.80_170918, and run the MsmDownloadTool V3.0 software by double clicking on the file. This software would help you install the 8.0 firmware.
  4. Now, power off your OnePlus 3T.
  5. While pressing Volume up button, connect it to your Windows PC. (Make sure the MsmDownloadTool is running on PC.)
  6. The MsmDownloadTool would begin installing the Oreo firmware on your OnePlus 3T. You can observe the progress bar on the phone to confirm this.
  7. When the installation is complete, you would see a ‘download complete’ message. once you see the message, turn the device back on. (Press and hold power button until it restarts.)
  8. Let the device boot on. As this is the first boot on Oreo, it could take some time.

Problem? In case there the MsmDownloadTool doesn’t begin installing the firmware automatically when you connect the device to PC while holding down Volume up button, then you may need to install driver.

How to root Oreo update on OnePlus 3T

Well, Magisk is said to be not working at the moment for OnePlus 3T Oreo root. But worry not, it’s been confirmed that SuperSU is working fine, in its latest version 2.82 SR4. Anyway, evem if you have done this before, you would have to go through little pain of unlockign the bootloader again, as well as installing TWRP recovery, before you could flash the Super SU file to achieve root access.

We have covered everything as regards OnePlus 3T Oreo root here, check it out. And if you need detailed guide, check out OnePlus 3T root and TWRP recovery page, which has also been updated with effect to required info on OnePlus 3T Android 8.0 root.

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