How to root OnePlus 3T on Android 8.0 Oreo update

OnePlus 3T root Oreo update

While a few OnePlus 3 users were among first ones to taste the Oreo update under the closed-beta testing program, it’s the OnePlus 3T users in public who get to run the Oreo update before any other OnePlus user.

Today, a firmware based on Android 8.0 got leaked on the web, and even though it’s HydrogenOS, the OxygenOS users can install it too. Check out our guide on how to install OnePlus 3T Oreo update for this.

But once you update, you might be wondering about how to root this guy. And that surely involves TWRP recovery and bootloader unlocking too, as the installation of the Oreo firmware locks the device.

Well, here is everything you need to know to get the root access on your device.

How to root OnePlus 3T Oreo update

Below is everything you need to do in short. if you are power user, that’s all you need. If you need more help, and a detailed guide on this, forget everything here and check out our page on OnePlus 3T bootloader unlock, TWRP recovery and root access (updated with Oreo root details too).

Here’s everything in very short.

  1. Enable OEM unlock in Settings > Developer options.
  2. Reboot into bootloader/fastboot mode (adb reboot bootloader command would do) and run the command fastboot oem unlock to unlock the bootloader of the device. As installing the Oreo firmware lock it back down, you need to unlock it again to be able to install TWRP recovery. Accept the warning. (Note: This will delete everything on device, so make sure you have backup.)
  3. Download the SuperSU 2.82 SR4 root package. (Magisk is confirmed to be not working at the moment.)
  4. Transfer the SuperSU file to your OnePlus 3T.
  5. Download TWRP recovery from here. Install it using the command fastboot flash recovery <twrp-recovery-filename>.img
  6. Boot into recovery mode to access TWRP recovery. Allow for system modification if and when it asks for it.
  7. Root the OnePlus 3T on Oreo update. Flash the SuperSU file by using Install menu in TWRP.

Once again, those were instructions in short. If you need details guide, go here.

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  1. You basically just gave us a guide on how to brick your device. The 3t uses DM verity so you need to install a kernel without it or allowing modifications prevents the phone from booting.

    1. Is that something new? I have been rooting my 3T, on stock kernel, since release without problems – just skip the DM verity message at boot. Is this changed?

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