OnePlus releases OnePlus 3 Android 8.0 Oreo update for select few users

oneplus 3 oreo

When it comes to pushing new software updates, OnePlus lives up their tagline “Never Settle.” Although the company has already said that their OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus 3T smartphones won’t be receiving any major update after Android O, it appears that OnePlus will be the first one to update their smartphones to Android 8.0, except for the Google itself. Proving this point, OnePlus 3 sets are already testing the Android 8.0 Oreo under the closed beta program, which precedes the regular beta release.

Yes, this new update, which weighing in at about 800MB, updates the OnePlus 3 to Android 8.0.0 OS, which has been dubbed by Google as Oreo. It has been reported that the OnePlus 3T and the OnePlus 5 are next in line, and the closed beta launch of their own Oreo update could be expected within few weeks.

Do make a note that this is not publicly available for everyone yet and it apparently has a lot of bugs. Moreover, this closed beta version of OnePlus 3 Oreo update is now available for download either.

When will my device get Android Oreo update

OnePlus often pushes the update in three stages, where, first of all, it is rolled out to a selected few users within a closed beta group. When proved in the closed beta testing that the update is good enough at system level, it’s given the green flag for public beta testing. Only when an update is deemed full working, a stable global release is followed.

As mentioned earlier, this closed beta build is not stable. It has been reported that the NFC is not working and in fact, even Wi-Fi, Hotspot, and Bluetooth are unstable. Although this is not an ideal update for everyone, it tells that the final build is not too far from being rolled out officially.

OnePlus 5 Oreo update news and expected release date

OnePlus 3 Oreo update stable release

In case you were wondering how much time it will take OnePlus to release the stable Oreo update for the OnePlus 3 to the public, well, hold out for a month or two from today. And even that’s a good thing, and we must tell you that we are surprised for good to see the OnePlus 3 Android 8.0 update come out for the closed beta group this early. Hell, even the carrier-locked Pixel and Nexus sets are in the process of receiving Oreo update from Google.

So, all in all, expect the OnePlus 3 beta Oreo update to release sometime in October 2017. While the stable release of OnePlus 3 Oreo update can be expected sometime in November 2017. And this is incredible if this happens, which it should.

Download OnePlus 3 Oreo update

The OnePlus 3 Oreo update is only available for selected few users under the closed beta testing. It is not available as an OTA or firmware for the general public at the moment. Hence, you cannot download it.

What you can do to be among the first one to get the OnePlus 3 Android 8.0 update from the OEM is, install the latest Android 7.1.1 beta update available for the OnePlus 3, as this will make your device ready for the OnePlus 3 public beta. So that, once OnePlus decides to roll out the update for public beta users, your device is right there to receive it.

Source: Android Police