LG G7 Android 9 Pie update released in Korea as beta

LG G7 ThinQ gets Pie beta

Korean electronics major, LG, has announced the release of Android 9 Pie beta for the LG G7 ThinQ phone. Just a couple of days ago the Pie update was made available for the LG G7 One phone, too.

This is great news for LG fans who were wondering why it was taking so long for the smartphone maker to initiate updates on many of their phones. Despite LG G7 One being an Android One phone, it took quite a while for the Korean company to finally release the Android 9 Pie update. However, things are looking up now with this announcement.

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With the Pie update on G7, you also get new camera features like Live Photo and Flash Jump Cut that creates GIFs out of your captured photos. Some users also reported an issue with the Google Assistant key but let’s hope a fix is underway for that.

Unlike most other OEMs, LG hasn’t released an official timeline informing when it will update its devices. So, we don’t really know when can we expect the Android Pie update and on what phones.

However, looking at the way things are picking up, we can expect LG to release the beta for the global variant of the G7 ThinQ as well. As for LG V40 ThinQ, we hope an Android Pie build of its own is in the works too, probably a bit closer to release now.