10 Google Apps you’ve probably never heard of

Considering that Google is the mastermind behind the evolution of Android as it has happened over the years, it only makes sense that it would also be one of the most profound app developers. Google does not go out and about creating gimmicky apps and games, but the ones it does back are worth looking into.

We all know the basic ones that come packed with Android devices by default, but since Google has multiple creative app development programs, you’ll find dozens of Google apps that are virtually unknown to the mainstream users. We’ve sieved through the Google Play Store (APK here) to bring you some of the most useful and interesting Google apps that you’ve probably never even heard of.

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Since mobile devices today offer camera hardware worthy of praise, the only thing that makes it better is an image editor that is available directly on your phone. Adobe has already released apps like Photoshop Express to garner image editors, but Google has silently steamed up the competition with the Snapseed app.

This powerful image editing app comes with 29 tools such as healing, brushes, HDR and more, you can directly edit JPG and RAW files. You don’t even have to be an expert to handle Snapseed, as it comes with everything from White Balance settings, Perspective modes, Vignette effects, Lens Blur effects and so much more.

Download: Snapseed

Google Primer

In the modern world where the competition is tighter than ever and every brand is fighting to the teeth, you need to be tech-savvy to get ahead in your business. Google is big on promoting brick and mortar businesses and wants to help brands bloom with the Google Primer app to help you become a marketing guru.

Playstore English

This quick and educational app consists of several categories such as Business Planning, Business Management, Website, Customer Engagement and so many more. Google Primer is built not just to help you become more business-savvy but offers a personalized approach to help you and your business grow together.

Download: Google Primer

Google Family Link for parents

The digital world can expose your child to endless learning and with the family link parental control app, you can control how your child interacts with the online world. The app allows you to view your child’s app activity and view activity reports showing how much time they spend on their favorite app.

Know your child’s total screen time and manage their purchases and downloads from Play Store. However, there is one flaw due to which your child can access his favorite game or chatting app through the emergency dialer that means the time limit lock remains ineffective.

Download: Google Family link

PhotoScan by Google Photos

For all of us all-timers out there, those old memories from the old camera roll mean a lot more than the digital ones. Google has found a way to help you preserve those fading memories with the help of PhotoScan, which helps you turn the old film photographs into digital copies and make them last forever.

Packed with smart AI image detection and rendering from Google, it takes you less than a few seconds to create glare-free digital images. Simply open the PhotoScan app, use it to align the four corners of the film photo and the app will do the rest, along with ensuring that the images upright no matter the way you scan them.

Download: PhotoScan by Google Photos

Coolest Android apps for Teaching

Bolo: Learn to read with Google (Early Access)

This app is a new introduction to Google’s ecosystem that is specially designed for primary grade children where they can learn with the help of a tutor named Diya. The app allows children to enjoy as they learn and have a fun and engaging experience as they learn the basics.

The good part is that you can use this app completely when offline and track your child’s progress as they become better readers.

Download: Bolo


If you ever made the mistake of assuming that Google isn’t fun enough to create crazy cool apps, Androidify will change your opinion for good. Giving you a handle on how the decade-old Android Droid bot looks and helping you create your very own Android avatar similar to the Bitmojis you see everywhere today.

While Androidify has existed for years, it has recently been updated to bring animations and more to make it more social media-friendly. From choosing the skin tone, physique, clothing, and accessories of your personal Droid bot, you even get to turn them into GIFs and share them online with your friends.

Download: Androidify

Google Spotlight Stories

During the early days of virtual technology and release of Google Cardboard, the company was experimenting with interactive 3D videos, which is essentially the idea behind Google Spotlight Stories. Today, this ingenious app has become an award-winning platform for mobile 360 videos and immersive VR entertainment.

Google Spotlight features some incredible original content, along with some star-studded Emmy award-winning content. You’re not just a bystander in Google Spotlight Stories, as you get to watch, listen, and even explore the environment around you in virtual reality for an outlandish experience.

Download: Google Spotlight Stories

YouTube Kids

YouTube is the largest open video sharing platform is the world, and just like the internet, it comes with a bunch of entertaining and educational content, along with videos are not suitable for younger audiences. To help you easily sort out the right content for the younger minds, Google offers a safer and toned-down version with the YouTube Kids app.

YouTube Kids App | Made for curious kids and parents

The next time you have an unruly toddler on your hands, all you need to do is fire up the YouTube Kids app and leave them be. The simplified user interface is designed especially with the young ones in mind and is limited to just four categories offering entertaining cartoons and educational videos from the most popular channels on the platform.

Download: YouTube Kids


We’ve always been huge fans of wallpapers on mobile devices, especially now that they come with AMOLED displays and cutting-edge resolution. Google knows this all too well and with the Wallpapers app, you will never feel the need to download a single HD wallpaper no your mobile device ever again.

With a humongous collection of mind-blowing scenic images sourced from Google Earth, magnificent artwork created by users on the Google+ community, and several other photography partners, Google brings you the ability to set up Daily wallpapers, so your home screen never gets too boring.

Download: Wallpapers

Google Wifi

Google Wifi is a tool that enables you to do a lot with your wifi while exercising full control over it. The app allows you to improve your Wifi performance by prioritizing the devices while also providing insights to your Wifi network.

The app allows you to view your bandwidth usage, create a separate network for your guests,  pause Wifi on your kid’s device to make out the most from your Wifi through an easy to use interface.

Download: Google Wifi

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Which ones of these relatively unknown Google apps is bound to find a permanent spot on the list of your favorite apps? We’re excited to know, so do hit us up in the comments section right down below.                                    

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