11 Best VR apps and games perfect for Daydream and Cardboard [March 2018]

The virtual reality experience was brought into the household with the first appearance of Oculus. Since then, VR headsets have become one of the main attractions of any gaming and entertainment conference. While the Oculus Rift and Sony Project Morpheus make groundbreaking progress in the world of virtual reality entertainment, you can have a portable VR experience with the Oculus Go and Google Daydream VR.

The second version of the Google Daydream was released at Google I/O 2017, which offers better control, added optimization for larger phones and support for iPhone as well. So here’s a list of the best VR apps for Android that you can use with any Google Daydream or Cardboard compatible headset to have the ultimate VR experience.

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The biggest problem with virtual reality content is that there is very little of it out there, but WITHIN hopes to change it for good. This single VR app for Android brings you a universe of tales and documentaries, original and even premium quality content for free. WITHIN has partnered with the big names in the industry like Apple, Vice Media, NBC and others to bring you 360-degree VR content with 3D spatial VR audio.

2. Fulldive VR

While the whole experience of virtual reality is designed to be singular, Fulldive VR brings a great social element to all of it. Compatible with newer Daydream headsets as well, Fulldive VR is an entire platform built into an app that feeds you fresh VR content based on your interests and watching habits. The app comes with YouTube VR streaming, VR Video Player, VR 360 Photo Gallary and several other nifty tools built in.

3. Expeditions

Google has been gracious enough to not only bring the Daydream VR platform to hundreds of devices, but support users with apps like Google Expeditions. This incredibly resourceful app gives you an immersive look at parts of our planet Earth that you’ve never had the chance to see before, all in 360-degree visuals. With more than 200 awe-inspiring destinations to choose from, you can take an entire classroom through the app’s interconnectivity.

4. Wizard Academy VR

As a Potterhead, you’re convinced that the world you live in is only for the Muggles, and Wizard Academy VR will get your one step closer to Hogwarts. This immersive platform educational game helps you learn the powers of Telekinesis, Earth Maze, and Fire Archery, all of it in virtual reality. Once you get a hold of the physics of how the game works, use your might to break down ice castles, get out of the Earth Maze and so much more.

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5. Netflix VR

It is pretty cool that you can carry a massive library of the best movies and TV shows in your pocket with the Netflix app, but Netflix VR is one step further. Albeit the app isn’t perfect yet (which is apparent from the reviews), but for those of you who just aren’t enjoying the Netflix and Chill experience in its entirety on the small device, Netflix VR helps you go big with a virtual entertainment experience.

6. Sisters

The isolating experience of VR is simply perfect for jump-scare and horror videos and games, which is why there are so many Slenderman VR adaptations out there. Well, now you have Sisters VR ghost story to give you the goosebumps with a clean user interface and a heart-racing storyline that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours.

7. Discovery VR for Cardboard

For all of you nature nerds out there who simply can’t get enough of the Discovery Channel, you get all of it on your mobile device now in virtual reality. The official Discovery VR for Cardboard app offers you some of the most high-intensity wildlife content from their popular series like Shark Week, MythBusters, and Deathliest Catch, all of which you can enjoy in 360-degree VR at any time.


8. Minos Starfighter VR [$0.99]

Nowhere near how expensive the VR games by Oculus for Gear VR are, Minos Starfighter VR is a paid VR game that is worth every penny. Giving you an exhilarating experience as you command your very own spaceship shooter, make your way through the intense wave of enemies that surround you in space and destroy them to smithereens.

9. NYT VR – Virtual Reality

Apart from the entertainment content and high-graphics games, the real way to enjoy the virtual reality experience is with educational and informative content from publications like the New York Times. With a massive collection of tours, feature films and documentaries all available for free, you get a 360-degree view of everything that the NYT journalists have captured at the moment just for you.

10. VeeR VR – Virtual Reality

veer vr app

Veer VR is a great app to find content in VR as well as even interact with the VR content creators. The team is working with some of the biggest names in the industry to get you VR videos to watch, and you just have to hit the home page to get the personalized recommendations to get the fun started.

11. Titans of Space Cardboard VR

Hitting the last mark on the list but certainly not the least, Titans of Space Cardboard VR is another educational game that takes you through a virtual space odyssey like you’ve never experienced before. Giving you a stunning 60FPS tour of outer space, you have full control to view the planets, find out more about the natural satellites around them and so much more.

Got any other absolutely addictive VR game that you feel should be on this list? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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