Top 5 reasons to buy the Oculus Go VR headset

Oculus Go vs Google Daydream VR

At the Google I/O 2017, it was confirmed that the search giant is working with third-party partners to release standalone Daydream VR headsets, but until now, this hasn’t materialized. (Update: standalone DayDream VR headsets are now available!)

In a competition to Google Daydream VR standalone headsets, there’s one from Facebook’s Oculus in conjunction with Chinese tech giant Xiaomi. Dubbed Oculus Go, this is the first standalone headset to hit the global market, and with it comes a completely new take on VR. Without wasting too much of your time, here are the top 5 reasons to buy the Oculus Go VR headset immediately it hits your local shelves.

It’s easily portable

The goal of coming up with standalone VR headsets is to break the portability barriers created by the need to have other devices in order to enjoy a fully immersive VR experience. Most of the headsets on the market require a smartphone or computer in order to give you the best from the VR world, but with the Oculus Go, none of these is needed.

The Oculus Go comes with every hardware it needs on board, which also means that taking it on the road is as easy as you could never have imagined with the likes of Google Daydream View, Samsung Gear VR or even the high-end Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Oculus Go

Ease of use

Many people haven’t tried VR just because of the fear of the unknown. From the outside, VR looks like a futuristic thing only fit to be used and enjoyed by geeky people. Perhaps this is because of the hassles involved in setting up the gadgets on mobile phones or PCs. But with the Oculus Go, VR fans are getting a device that is designed to bring more freedom as well as ease the access to VR content. If anything, it bridges the huge gap between mobile and PC VR in the simplest ways possible.


At $199, the Oculus Go is definitely not the cheapest VR headset on the market. The Google Daydream View can be yours at just $99 while Samsung’s Gear VR costs $129. These are great deals, but only until you realize that you need to have a compatible smartphone in order to enjoy any of these gadgets. Usually, these phones will set you back no less than $500, which makes the Oculus Go a much better choice for anyone looking to try their way around the VR world.

Plenty of content

One thing that is dragging the growth of VR is the availability of content. As it is, this won’t be a problem for early adopters of the Oculus Go. According to Oculus, the standalone headset can already access more than 1,000 VR games, movies, social networking apps as well as immersive 360-degree videos, among other stuff currently available for Oculus Gear VR.

Unlike other headsets where content literally lives somewhere else, the Oculus Go lets you save your apps and content on the device, which is much better than having to use your phone’s storage for the same purpose.

Top-notch features

If you are familiar with Xiaomi products, you’ll know that the company places a high value on price versus performance. The Oculus Go might be having an affordable price tag, but it rocks an interesting set of hardware specs and features.

Oculus Go

Under the hood, the Oculus Go has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 Mobile VR Platform that is mated with at least 32GB of internal storage (there’s probably a 64GB storage option in the offing). Even though it comes with integrated spatial audio, those who want to enjoy a more private listening can take advantage of the 3.5mm audio jack on board.

Other features of the Oculus Go VR headset include a WQHD LCD display screen, next-generation lenses, breathable fabrics, and adjustable straps that allow using the headset with glasses. As you would expect, the device also comes with a controller.

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