Google announces Google Lens at I/O 2017

google lens

Google’s Sundar Pichai took to stage at I/O 2017 to discuss the current progress of Google’s deep-learning, which is really impressive, and summed it up with the announcement of Google Lens.

Well, forget Bixby and Bixby Vision and Galaxy S8, if you point to a router using Google Lens, the back side of it which has password and all, Google Lens would simply connect your phone to that router’s WiFi connection in an instant.

Amazing? We’ve just begun.

Sundar Pichai further let us know that Google can now easily identify between a dog and cat, even in cases where not much info is available from the pic.

Google would even be able to remove any obstruction in pic, like a fence coming between your camera and your son playing baseball, automatically.

Here’s Google’s tweet about Google Lens.

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