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Despite all that the tech industry brought us in 2017, we’ve come to learn that it’s never over in the technology business. New and exciting ideas and possibilities keep showing up and as one of the leaders in the industry, Samsung has been talking up some of the top technologies that will shape most people’s lifestyles this 2018.

Faster, more transparent machine learning

Over its short period of existence, artificial intelligence has been at the center of nearly every tech talk and according to Samsung, AI will expand dramatically this 2018. In addition to getting better and faster at executing tasks, Samsung sees a future where AI will become more transparent as more researchers are already putting lots of effort into getting to know the technology better.

New AR and VR form factors and viewing models

Oculus Go and Xiaomi Mi VR

Samsung believes the future of AR and VR is only going to get better in 2018. This is so because reliance on these technologies is slowly taking off and as such, more app developers will start embracing the technologies and give consumers apps that are more than just games.

Up until now, VR has largely been dependent on mobile phones and PCs, but according to Samsung, this year will see more standalone VR devices released. We’ve already seen a handful of these standalone devices from Google and Facebook, but Samsung believes this is only the beginning.

Blockchain to look beyond cryptocurrencies


Samsung thinks blockchain has cemented a place in the future of technology, but this has nothing to do with the price of Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general, which were at the center of last year’s increased application of the technology.In its argument, Samsung is adamant that blockchain will play a huge role in removing the middlemen that usually add up to the fees one pays in peer-to-peer transactions, but to achieve this, the technology will expand outside the confines of cryptocurrency and start including things like token sales.

IoT to improve healthcare patients

The continued growth and development of Internet of Things will be leveraged by the healthcare system, where low-cost, continuous techniques of capturing and sharing data will emerge and in the process derive new cognizance that informs and empowers healthcare patients.

While some think the wearable market is dwindling, Samsung has high hopes for this type of devices. The Korean company believes more people will adopt wearables and in the process create a massive stream of real-time data that is outside a doctor’s walled garden. This data will play a huge role in improving diagnosis, compliance and even treatment of patients, you know, like what is already happening with HealthifyMe.

IoT is heading to the city

Up until now, IoT has remained in the confines of our homes, but in 2018 and beyond, this technology will also find a place on the streets in major cities and towns. The incoming 5G technology will play a huge role in ensuring that IoT successfully breaks free from homes and into the city, helping with things like parking solutions, mapping, and even bike share schemes, the latter of which is already offered by Google.

While Samsung says it has positioned itself strategically for a better technological future, competition will be coming from all angles. Whether it’s Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, etc., many companies are looking to grab a share of the promising AI, VR, AR, IoT, and blockchain markets.

From the look of things, it seems 2018 will for sure be an even more interesting year in terms of life-changing technologies than 2017 was. Only time will tell.

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