Google intros online Pride parade by adding accessories to Androidify

pride parade

Google has an extensive history of supporting the LGBT community. Last year, the firm changed the logo of the Google HQ to replicate its rainbow flag. This time, the firm has come up with a global online Pride parade. The event’s basis is Android’s “Be together, not the same” hymn.

The  service is decorated with relevant accessories to suit the Pride parade. They have come up with a new hashtag #andproud to make everyone understand its seriousness. Already, a few celebrities have started showing their support to this Pride parade by using the hashtag and posting their Androidified characters.

If you want to include yourself in the parade, you will have to create an Androidified version of yourself and share it on the special landing site of Google before June 27. The same can be shared on various social networks with the hashtag #andproud.