How to Add Another Account on TikTok

Adding an alternative TikTok account to your device sometimes becomes a necessity for you, including for creators if you want to manage your main account or streamline content creation and dissemination. For instance, to test out a certain effect, and viewability of a video you created on the main account, you can use the alternate account as a means to get a preview. Sometimes, as an influential creator, or not, you may want to sign up for a new account as a backup in the undesirable event of the main account getting a ban or suspension.

The reasons, if we are to list, could be of all nature, petty to pretty serious. Since, we are all for the solutions, let’s jump right into the topic.

How to add another account on TikTok

Launch the TikTok app on your device.

Tap the profile icon to go to your profile.

You will see a dropdown button at the top of the page with the username of the currently logged-in account displayed in it. Tap the dropdown button.

Tap Add account.

You will see the Sign up for TikTok page. If you already have an alternative account, tap Log in at the bottom of the page. To sign up for a new account, use one of the methods prescribed below like using phone or email, social media accounts, Google, or Apple. For demonstration, let’s go with phone or email here.

The next page is to enter your birthday. Fill in the details and tap Next.

Choose Phone or Email according to preference. Let’s go with email here. Enter your email ID and hit Next.

Input a strong password that is not more than 20 nor less than 8 characters in length. It should also contain at least one special character and a number. Tap Next once the button becomes responsive.

On Create username page, go for a unique username and tap Sign up to complete the set up.

You will be taken to the profile page of the freshly created account. Add a profile picture, fill in the bio, and add all the nuances that bespoke your TikTok persona.

That’s it, really. Your new account is ready to rumble! 

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How to switch accounts on TikTok without logging out

TikTok supports multiple accounts on the same device without needing to completely log out from one to use the other. This process is called switching accounts, and it is a walk in the park to undertake. Here’s how you do it.

Launch the TikTok app on your device. 

Tap the profile icon to go to your profile.

You will see a dropdown button at the top of the page with the username of the currently logged-in account displayed in it. Tap the dropdown button.

You will a list of all the TikTok accounts you have previously signed in with on the device as well as the option Add account.

The currently logged in account will have a red checkmark against it. Tap any other account from the list to log into it.

The account switch takes place instantly, and you can repeat this process as many times as you want.

How to sign up on TikTok with the same email ID or phone number?

We saw in the account setup guide above how to set up a new TikTok account using an email ID. A TikTok account is like an identity number, unique, and cannot be repeated to create more than one account or user.

That is, to sign up with an email, you need to use an unused email ID because once you register a TikTok account using email or phone, it becomes inextricably tied with it and cannot be removed or unlinked. In simple terms, you cannot set up multiple TikTok accounts with the same email ID.

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How to make a TikTok account without using email or phone number

We already saw that there are various ways to sign up on TikTok. If we enumerate, the methods of signing in are as follows:

  • Using phone or email
  • Log in with Facebook
  • Log in with Apple account
  • Log in with Google account
  • Log in with Twitter.

It is an obvious indicator that using an email or phone number is not the only possible method to create a new account on TikTok. You can use any of the following alternatives mentioned above to create a new TikTok account. Let’s see how to set up a TikTok account using Twitter to see the process.

Launch the TikTok app on your device.

Tap the profile icon to go to your profile.

You will see a dropdown button at the top of the page with the username of the currently logged-in account displayed in it. Tap the dropdown button.

Tap Add account.

From the options, select Continue with Twitter.

A popup asks for your permission to let TikTok open your Twitter.

On the authorization page, read the conditions and clauses carefully and tap Authorize app.

Fill in your birthday to continue with the account set up.

In the Create username page, enter a unique username and hit Sign up when the button comes alive.

Your new account immediately opens with your new TikTok username, whereas the display name and display picture are directly carried over from Twitter to the TikTok profile (which, of course you can edit anytime if you so desire).

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What is the TikTok multiple account limit?

There is no limit to the number of accounts you can add and log into on TikTok on the same device. There is a general buzz that at most 5 accounts can be added or logged in on TikTok on the same device. However, at present, I have 7 accounts added to my TikTok on iPhone, all functional and accessible without any glitch, hence we can debunk that bit of info and tentatively say that one can add as many accounts as one wants. However, there is a catch to adding too many accounts on the same device, and we will explore it momentarily.

What happens if you have multiple TikTok accounts on one device?

If you cram your TikTok alternate accounts list with too many accounts, there is a good chance of TikTok mistaking you for a business account with commercial or promotional intentions. If you get flagged as a business account, the number of views you receive will get visibly reduced. This is because TikTok adds a stricter filter on your content to reduce its organic flow into For You streams unless you are part of the TikTok advertisement program.

In a nutshell, although you can add multiple accounts on the same device, if you are a major creator with a thriving viewer base, it is recommended to use a separate device to manage your alternate accounts.

Can you log in to TikTok using the same email on multiple devices

Eventhough you can not use the same email to create multiple accounts, you can log into the same account on multiple devices. This applies to TikTok accounts tied to email IDs. So, if you have it logged in on one device, it doesn’t impede the process of logging into another device using the same email (into the same account).

How to add another person to your TikTok account?

If you mean creating a joint account where multiple parties co-own an account, that is just not possible on TikTok. With that question out of the way, if you want to add another person’s separate account to your device, you can use the switch account feature. Switching accounts is merely jumping between independent accounts and does not involve the establishment of any links between them.

Switching accounts is a nifty feature that reaps the best results when used on a device separate from the one assigned for the main account. Hope the article has been of help to you. Share your thoughts with us in the comments!



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