Google Photos app now supports 360-degree videos

Looks like Google has silently rolled out support for 360-degree videos in the Photos app. This means that Google Photos will now recognize the 360-degree photos and videos as it should, i.e. you can view them like 360-degree Pictures.

Spotted by the Reddit user, Racermako, for the 360-degree videos taken from the LG 360 camera, the new feature will be gladly received by everyone. That said, currently, we don’t have any information regarding the exact details about the roll out, however, we are anticipating that it will soon roll out globally.

Google is constantly improving the Photos app. Recently, at the Google I/O developer conference, Google claimed that Google Photos has more than 500 million active users per month and more than 1.2 billion photos and videos are backed up each day.

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In the coming days Google will also introduce many new features in the Photos app such as Suggested Sharing, Library Sharing, Photo Books. All these features were announced at the Google I/O developer conference 2017.

Meanwhile, Google also announced the Google Lens at the I/O developer conference, which allows you to search through your camera using images. This new technology will be implemented in the Google Photos, too.

Source: Reddit