Google Go arrives on Play Store, formerly Search Lite [APK download]

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Google just released another app on the Play Store that targets developing country like India where data connection speed is still lower than average, and device storage isn’t aplenty either for most users. But this one is big: It’s Google Search itself in a lite variant, dubbed Google Go, which hints us that this is yet another app coming out of the Google’s Android Go program after the Files Go and Datally.

Though, the app isn’t exactly brand new, as this is actually a rename of the Google Search Lite app that is available in the Indonesian market since last August, as Google Go’s Play Store listing URL is same as that of the Search Lite. Though this is the first time we’re seeing Google Go appear on the Play Store, while Search Lite was a test kind-of build only, which never reached version 1.0, which Google Go is.

Measuring in at just 5MB, compared to Google’s search app that takes 64MB of download, the app is very lightweight and the surprising thing to note is that its business is not limited to Google Searches you make, as it also expands to providing you some more Google tools/services (Translate, Weather, Images, etc.) and app shortcuts (Maps, YouTube, etc.) right on its main screen.

The app would also take you to lite version of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. within its browser, so you have this one app that serves you not only faster search results, but also quick access to popular sites, divided conveniently into categories like Entertainment, News, Social, Sports, Shopping, Reference, Banking, etc.

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There is also an option to choose second language too, which comes in very handy for developing countries where regional language is more dominant than English. The Google Go is quite features loaded — it would also smart suggest users to help them search better, while also allowing to switch search language to bring up results in native (secondary?) language when the need be, which is practically the best feature to me, really.

Using Google Go, you can also discover the trending topics, and if don’t feel like typing, there is a direct shortcut on app’s home screen to let you speak and search. Lastly, you can customize the app’s background image too, to complete the fun and customization and everything else in just one weather-light app.

This is easily one of the best utility apps Google has developed, an space-saver app that would benefit Android users in India a lot where Xiaomi Redmi brand — $80-$200 range — is the #1 brand in its range in the country.

Download Google Go Android app (APK)

Google Go in screenshots

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