Datally is a new mobile data manager app from Google

datally app

Google has just released a new data saving app for Android called Datally. The new app is easy to use, has a simple UI design, and helps you cut down data usage. It will tell you which app is using how much data, and more.

Datally is like a smarter built-in data manager that will help you save about 30 percent of your data using various methods. You can control which app can use how much data, a real time usage counter, usage metrics, and more.

You can stop background data usage to all apps with the help of a simple button located top and center. This will mean that only the app you’re using will have access to your data. There’s also a feature that will show pop-ups for data consumed by the current app.

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The app also provides a detailed look at your usage history and trends for each app. You will also receive recommendations on when to turn on the data saver. The app can even look for nearby open Wi-Fi networks so you can save some more data while you’re on the move.

Users can rate Wi-Fi networks and you will be able to see these ratings before connecting to a network. The Wi-Fi Finder tool within the app will show you other details such as distance from the network.

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Yes, Android already has a built-in data manager that lets you control your data usage, but Datally just puts everything in front of you so you don’t have to go digging. Google has also promised that more features will be added soon. For now, you can download the app from the Play Store and try it out.

Download Datally from Play Store

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