Google could be working on a YouTube Edition smartphone


According to a new report, Google maybe in the process of making a special edition Android phone that’s centered around YouTube. This phone would have software and hardware that make it easy to use the video consumption service.

An UK based survey company called Survey Bods has been surveying people about the so called YouTube Edition Android phone. In the survey, a lot of things such as software, hardware, and even price, have been discussed.

YouTube Phone Software Features

The phone would allow users to easily watch videos, connect with creators, and even become a creator. One of the features is called YouTwist, and this would allow users to twist the phone and view a list of videos right on the Homescreen.

There is also a dedicated hardware button to launch YouTube and instantly start recording video, a feature known as YouCapture. A widget called Creator Connect would be available on the Homescreen that shows content from creators in a feed. You could directly head to the creators community feed by tapping on the profiles.

Also included would be a live lockscreen that would display live YouTube videos, which would let users to directly start watching the video. Apart from these software enhancements, the survey talked about some of the hardware features as well.

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YouTube phone Hardware features

If the survey is anything to go by, there would be different variants of this phone manufactured by various manufacturers. They would feature similar hardware specifications and priced in the mid-range.

Some of the features mentioned in the survey include, a large 6-inch 18:9 LCD display, 2.2GHz processor, 4GB RAM, 32/64GB of storage, dual rear cameras, 8MP from camera, 3700 mAh battery, fingerprint sensor, and Dolby Atmos stereo speakers.

All this is still in early stages and may not even happen. The survey also mentioned Google collaborating with Samsung and LG, with names such as YouTube Edition by LG, YouTube Edition by Samsung and YouTube Edition by Android One.

This could mean that Samsung and LG would be making Android One phones. That’s only if this is real, as it could just a survey to see if customers are interested. Pricing details were also mentioned, with phones starting from $360 and up to $400. That’s pretty reasonable for a mid-range smartphone.

Also, users of the YouTube Edition phone would get extra 10GB of data every month for one year. Sounds good to us, but would you want to own a device that’s main purpose is to watch YouTube videos?

Source: Android Authority

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