Download Files Go APK, a new file manager app by Google

Google devices have always lacked a proper file manager. While there are many third party file manager apps that you can download from the Play Store, a proper File Manager from Google would be worth waiting for. It looks like something like that is about to happen soon.

A new file manager app from Google that goes by the name “Files Go” was accidentally posted on the Google Play Store. We say accidentally because the app page doesn’t exist anymore. But hey, hey, we got our hands on the APK file and poked around. You can download the APK from the link given below:

The app “Files Go” has two tabs at the bottom: Storage and Files. When you open the app, you are greeted with the Storage screen, which shows how much space you have left on your device. Besides that, the app shows the total size of cache data and various folders where there is a possibility to free data due to the presence of duplicate images in a card-based interface. Tap on “Free up…” and you can delete the stuff that you don’t need.

Then under the Files tab, you get the usual folders like Downloads, Images, Videos, Audio, and Documents. Tapping a  folder lists all the files present. You can use the top bar to change between folders. The app also provides various sorting options such as By Name, By Date Modified and By Size.

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Interestingly, what makes the app different from the other file managers is the built-in File Transfer tool. You can share your files without an internet connection on the tap of a button between users who use Files Go app.

In addition to all these cool features, the Files Go app also includes reminders for low storage, unused apps for more than 30 days and large media files.

Currently, no information is available about the proper launch and availability of the app. But we hope it happens soon because the apps look promising.

View Files Go app on Play Store