Google extends incognito mode to Gboard in Android O

Chrome for Android is Google’s web browser for Android devices, and within it is baked an incognito mode that allows users to go undetected by search engines. Currently, incognito mode has been limited to Chrome, the web browser; those who also use Google’s keyboard (now known as Gboard, formerly as Google Keyboard) don’t have the same privacy.

In fact, when installing Gboard, the app informs you that every symbol, number, letter, and combination of characters you entered will be submitted to Google. If you type in any sentences you don’t want anyone to know, unfortunately, Google records them and submits them to its server database.

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Google is looking to change that in Android O (Android 8.0), however, by bringing its Chrome incognito mode to Gboard. Now when you type personal information (be it credit card or otherwise into Gboard), you can choose to type “in disguise” and Gboard can be trained to “forget” certain data. The feature has already made it to Android O Developer Preview 3, but, as with any feature, Google could disable the feature or scrap it before rolling out Android O to its first-generation Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones this August. After all, Google removed the Memory label to group storage and RAM settings when releasing the Android O Preview earlier this Spring.

Via: Android Police