Android O Developer Preview 3 out now, download it here for Nexus 5X, 6P and Pixel phones

Android O Developer Preview 3 has just been taken out of the Google oven and it smells great! The third preview spells good news for developers mainly as the final Android O APIs and an official SDK are available for them to get cracking on their apps.

This should provide more stability to third-party app testing after which Android O will have more strength to stand on its legs when August comes. As mentioned earlier, developers have been given the green light to begin publishing Android O based apps to the Google Play Store.

Obviously, Android O is only limited to Google devices for now so if your device is there in the download list down below then you’re good to go.

Download Android O Developer Preview 3

If you’re already on the Android O Beta program, you should receive an update notification which will download and install the Developer Preview 3 onto your device. In the meantime, we hope our favorite OEMs are prepping to release Android O as closest to the official release date as they can.

Everyone hates waiting for months (Asus… Please, at least this time…) while the Pixel/Nexus devices get a taste of the latest from Google first. Nokia for one, has already confirmed the update to Android O for its starting lineup. OnePlus has also confirmed the same for the OnePlus 3 and 3T.

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Right now, things are looking great for Android O, though the new emojis have left a weird aftertaste. For a detailed walk-through of what’s new and cool check out our post on Android O’s best features.