Google Pixel first to get official Android Oreo update in August

Google is preparing to release Android O to Android users, and, as per the custom, Google’s very own devices get the update before everyone else (even carrier models like the Verizon Pixels). Good news is on the horizon, as a credible source says that the Google Pixel will be the first to get the official Android O update in August, “a bit earlier than Nexuses/Nougat last year.”

Google has usually waited until August (normally, the end) to roll out the new Android system update that comes named after a dessert and starts with the next alphabet in line (“J” for Jelly Bean, “K” for KitKat, “L” for Lollipop, “M” for Marshmallow, and “N” for Nougat, to use a few examples). We still don’t know what dessert “O” will arrive as, but there are a few whispers claiming that Google will look to name it “Android Oreo” after the beloved Oreo Cookie.

Google has announced a slew of the best Android O features such as notification badges, Google Play Protect, Picture-In-Picture (PIP), and improved battery life and battery settings, but there are some subtle ones that have gone overlooked, such as the gathering of notification icons at the bottom of the notification shade,

No matter how sweet (or not) the name may be, Google will give the new update to owners of its Pixel and Pixel XL devices. And for those who never get enough of fast updates and smooth performance on their handsets, Android O will be a sweet treat indeed.

Source: David Ruddock via Twitter