Does iOS 16 Have Split Screen? All You Need to Know

iOS 16 has brought along a ton of changes which has got many people looking for improvements to multitasking on iOS devices. Though Apple has introduced numerous new features in the past few years to iOS, multitasking is still lacking many of the basic features now staple on Android devices.

This includes the ability to use Split Screen and run two apps simultaneously on your device. So does iOS 16 finally change this? Let’s find out!

Does iOS 16 have Split Screen?

Unfortunately no, iOS 16 does not seem to have Split Screen as a feature yet. Split-screen and other multitasking features still seem to be restricted to iPadOS and there seems to be no way to get them on iOS devices. 

iOS users still have to rely on their phone’s RAM management to keep apps running in the background while switching between them to source the necessary data. Additionally, there have been no rumors or speculations to suggest that Split Screen will be introduced in the future which means a long wait time before there is even a possibility of using Split Screen on iOS devices.

Why is there no Split Screen for iOS devices?

iOS multitasking seems to rely on the screen real estate a lot, and though most iPhones possess the processing power offered by iPads, the screen size is simply not up to par. Apple will have to make significant changes to the way apps are handled in multitasking to make Split Screen a reality. 

Additionally, the vertical Split Screen will also introduce issues with existing gestures like the ones used for reachability and control center. These will also need to be fine-tuned and revamped to make way for the true Split Screen on iOS devices. 

Is there any way to get Split Screen on iOS?

Your last resort would be to jailbreak your device but it is not a recommended solution. This is because not many tweaks out there offer the ability to use Split Screen on your devices, and the ones that do, are paid and not up to par.

Additionally, jailbreaking your device requires you to run an older version of iOS which leaves your device with outdated security patches. Jailbreaking also grants root-level access to your file system which is another weak link in your device’s security that could be exploited.

Thus the risks of jailbreaking for Split Screen outweigh its benefits which is why it is not a recommended solution at this point.

We hope this post helped you get familiar with the lack of Split Screen on iOS 16. If you have any more questions, feel free to drop them in the comments section below.


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