How to Prevent the Side Button From Ending Calls on iPhone on iOS 16

Pressing the side button to end a call is as much of a convenience as a troublemaker. Sometimes, you might end up hanging up on someone unintentionally when you press the side button. Of course, you can call them right back and clear any misunderstanding if it sprouted but why leave an opening for a mess-up to happen when you can sidestep it altogether?

With the iOS 16, Apple has incorporated a toggle button to turn off “Lock to End Call” for those who are prone to repeating the offense of killing calls accidentally. Here’s how you do it.

How to disable side button to end call function

Your iPhone or iPad comes with a default setting to end an incoming call when you press the side button to lock the screen. However, with iOS 16, you can disable this special function attributed to the side button during the current call in the Settings. Here’s how you do it.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

From the options, tap Accessibility.

Scroll down and under “PHYSICAL AND MOTOR”, select Touch.

Tap on the toggle button (which is green in color indicating it is “on”) against Lock to End Call.

When the toggle button turns gray (“off)”, the feature gets disabled. 

Done! The current call would no longer end if you press on the side button.

How to end a call when the side button function is disabled

If you press the side button during an incoming ring with the “lock to end call” function disabled, the device would lock the screen and the ringing would get silenced; the call would simultaneously get minimized to the status bar on top of the screen. You can tap on the “phone” icon on the status bar to expand the view but the call will not hang up under the given condition.

If a ring comes through when you are in the home screen or using your iPhone, you can end it using the red “Decline” button. 

However, if it is on your lock screen, you have two ways to end an incoming ring — One way is to reject the call with a message which will be sent to them via the iMessage app.

Another way is to wake your virtual assistant up with a “Hey Siri” and instruct it to “Hang up” the call.

That’s all! What do you think about this new option? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!