How to Copy Edits in Photos App on iPhone on iOS 16

A subtle yet noteworthy change introduced in the Photos app with iOS 16 is the option to copy the edits you make in an image to another within the app. It is an uncomplicated process that lets you complete batch edits as if a cakewalk.

In this post, we will explain what kind of edits can be copied and transferred from image to image and how to do it. Let’s begin!

What edits can you copy on the Photos app?

Using the Photos app, you can copy certain edits made on an image and paste it to another image without any hassle. If you want, you can even do batch-copying and apply the same effects to a number of images at once. Very convenient and time-saving when you think about it, right?

Indeed it is! But, here’s something you should know, though. You can only copy certain kinds of edits from an image. The kind of edits that you can copy include filters and color/exposure effects. 

On the other hand, markups, crop effects, and angle adjustment edits cannot be copied and transferred to another image.

Now that it’s clear what you can and cannot do, let’s dive straight into the steps to perform.

How to copy edits in the Photos app and use or paste them

There are two parts to copying edits in the Photos app to make it complete– one is the process of actually copying the edits made in an image. The next step is pasting them on another image. You can either paste the edits to any one image or multiple images at once. 

We will begin with the first step now.

Step 1: How to copy edits in the Photos app

Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad.

Tap on any image in any folder to select it.

Make as few (at least one) or as many edits using the tools available under the two options highlighted in the screenshot. For example, we have applied a DRAMATIC COOL filter using the second option and then adjusted the BRILLIANCE effect available under the first option. 

Now, tap on the ellipsis button on the top right corner.

On the overflow menu, tap Copy Edits.

Now, tap Done on the bottom right corner.

That’s all for the process of copying edits from an image in the Photos app.

Step 2: How to paste copied effects in Photos app

After copying the edits, you have two options — you can either paste the changes to a single photo or multiple photos in a batch action in the Photos app. We will show you how to do it.

Option 1: Paste edits to one photo

Go to any folder in the Photos app and long-press on any image.

Tap on Paste Edits on the overflow menu.

The effect will be immediately applied to the image.

An alternative way to paste copied edits is as follows. Tap on any image to open it.

Hit the ellipsis button on the top right corner.

Tap on Paste Edits on the overflow menu.

Done! And that’s how you paste copied edits to one photo. Now, let’s see how it is done in batch.

Option 2: Paste edits in batch

Go to any folder in the Photos app. Tap on Select on the top-right corner.

Note: To execute the paste action in batch, make sure that all the photos you wish to paste the effects are in one folder.

Tap on all the images you wish to select.

Long press on any one of the selected images.

On the overflow menu, tap Paste Edits.

Done! All the effects will be immediately applied to all the selected images at once. 

There is an alternative way to apply batch edits to an image. After selecting all the images, tap on the ellipsis button on the bottom right corner.

Then, tap on Paste Edits.

All the selected images will immediately get updated with the edits pasted on them.

And thus you have completed both the steps necessary to copy and paste edits on the Photos app.

Can you undo a copying action?

No, you cannot undo a copying action, but it doesn’t conflict with your following actions even if you copied an edit unnecessarily. When you copy a new edit, the previous one will be automatically overridden and would no longer carry an impact on the image you paste the edit on.

How to remove edits made in an image

There are two ways to remove edits made in an image. If you want to remove an edit you made, just tap on the “undo” button on the top left corner to retract that move while in the editing mode.

If you want to remove all edits you have made to an image, open the image in the Photos app and tap on the Revert option on the bottom right corner.

And that’s all, folks! If you have any feedback, drop them in the comments!