Can You Chat on Clubhouse? Everything You Need To Know

Human interaction has suffered ever since the pandemic hit upon us last year but newcomer social app – Clubhouse appears to be solving that problem. With your voice as its only form of communication, Clubhouse is changing the way you approach ‘people’ rather than sharing stuff with other ‘users’.

But what if you wish to chat with someone you met on Clubhouse? The following post should help you do just that. 

Can you chat on Clubhouse? 

No. Unlike the social media platforms we’ve come to acquaint with, Clubhouse users can only interact with others in the app using their voice. And even that has a limitation because you can only speak with others within a room and there’s no space for a one-on-one conversation like other apps. 

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How else can you converse with people on Clubhouse? 

While you’re out of luck if you’re looking for a direct way of conversing with the people you meet on Clubhouse, there’s one way that the app offers to help you connect to others on the platform.

When you sign in to Clubhouse, the app lets you connect your Instagram and Twitter accounts to the service which not only verifies your identity but also lets others in the app connect with you. 

You can link your primary Instagram and Twitter accounts to your Clubhouse profile so that every time someone wants to get in touch with you, then can do it via direct messaging on either of your social media accounts. 

To have a direct conversation with someone on Clubhouse, you first need to get to that person’s Clubhouse profile. You can do that by tapping on their profile picture from within a Clubhouse room. 

Alternatively, you can also get to someone’s Clubhouse profile by using the ‘Explore’ section within the app and then searching for the person’s name or username in the search field.

Once you get to their profile on Clubhouse, check if they have linked it to their Instagram or Twitter accounts. If they have, either Twitter or Instagram logos or both should appear inside their profile page with their username right next to it. 

Simply tap on either of the usernames (if both are available) to contact them on Twitter or Instagram.

You will then be taken to their Twitter or Instagram accounts from where you can easily chat with them using the respective DM function.

How to share photos with people in a room

From what we’ve come to know about Clubhouse in our time using the new social app, we can frankly say that the app defies every way of communication we’ve come to expect from social media.

Since your voice is the only form of communication within the app, Clubhouse doesn’t allow you to share photos with others but there’s one trick that people tend to use in Clubhouse rooms that provides a workaround for this problem.

A common practice that people use to share pictures is to change their profile picture which is the one visual element that can be seen by everyone in a room. 

You can share photos with people on Clubhouse by following the instructions we’re prepared in the post linked below. 

How to Share Photos on Clubhouse

How can you react or show appreciation on the app? 

If you have started using Clubhouse, you will know that there are limited buttons available in the action bar at the bottom of the Rooms screen. If you wish to show your appreciation to speakers in a room, none of these buttons allow you to applaud or react to conversations on Clubhouse.

So, how else can you react to things on Clubhouse? That’s what we’ve explained in the post we’ve linked below. 

How To React or Applaud on Clubhouse

More ways to use Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a whole new platform altogether and we’re still learning new things every day as we go.

Although we try to make sure we provide the most up-to-date takes on how you may use the app, the app’s official team conducts a “Welcome to Clubhouse” session every Wednesday at 6 PM PT.

This session is hosted by Paul, Rohan, and Anu for those of you who are learning the ropes and gives people a tour of the app, best practices across the platform, and answers your doubts about the platform. 

The official team at Clubhouse also hosts the “Clubhouse Town Halls” session every Sunday at 9 AM PT for answering questions of users across the globe. 

That’s all we have to share with you about chatting on Clubhouse. 


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