Clubhouse: How To Always Be Notified When Someone Talks

Clubhouse is hyped-to-the-gills as possibly the next big social media platform. Online and off, people are scrambling for invitations to the audio-only chat platform currently doing its best to cultivate an air of exclusivity and a gateway to direct access to big-name celebrities from multiple industries. Indeed, all it takes is one cursory glance at the Clubhouse Twitter feed to see that the invitation-based growth model is less a way to cautiously test the platform’s capabilities, but more a carefully honed PR strategy that is currently paying off.

Pretty much every tweet on the clubhouse Twitter feed is a retweet of someone, often moderately-to-extremely famous, praising their experience on Clubhouse, advertising for it, or expressing excitement. Early on, the lakes of Elon musk and Kevin Hart made news with heated conversations inside the platform that, ostensibly at least, was supposed to have stayed there.

But of course they didn’t, because the Internet.

In the case of Hart, there was some minor blowback over the continent of the conversation held, but it nonetheless exemplified with clubhouse games to make their primary selling point: almost direct access to major celebrities that you love. And indeed that is much of what the platform has to offer; the chance to catch a big-name speaker in an area of interest that you follow, talking off the cuff live —uncleaned up and unsanitized for mass distribution. But part of that involves catching the person while they’re talking.

Find Somebody to FollowClubhouse: How to Be Notified When Someone Talk - find people

Start by searching for the person whose live talks you’d like to be notified about. Using their legal name is the quickest route to their profile.

Tap on Their Profile

Clubhouse: How to Be Notified When Someone Talks - Find Profile

Once you’ve found the individual you’re looking for under the ‘People’ category of search, tap on their profile to bring up their personal clubhouse page.

Follow them

You can notifications only of the person you follow. So, tap the Follow button to follow the person.

Tap on the Notifications Bell

Clubhouse: How to Be Notified When Someone Talks - Notifications bell

Once you’re on their Clubhouse profile, you can opt for regular notifications by tapping on the blue notifications bell beside the follow button. 

Choose a Notification Frequency

Clubhouse: How to Be Notified When Someone Talks -- Frequency

Users can choose from a variety of notification frequencies: ‘Never ever’ (in the case of someone you’d effectively like to block), ‘Sometimes’, and ‘Always’. It is unclear what the determining factors are regarding frequency when you opt for ‘Sometimes.’

Once you’ve chosen the frequency notification you desire, you can confirm your choice is reflected in the design of the notification bell on their profile, as shown above.

Where to find people

Well, the ‘Available to chat’ screen is your favorite screen for this. Because those who you follow have greater chances of being the ones you want to be notified of too. 

So, from the home screen of Clubhouse, swipe right to left to get to the ‘Available to chat’ screen.

Now, click on the profile pic of the person you want to be notified of. Their profile info will open in a pop-up. Click on the bell icon at the top of the pop-up, and then select from Always or Sometimes, as you wish.

Why I don’t see the bell icon?

Well, you need to follow the person whom you want to be notified of. So, tap the Follow button first. Now, tap on the bell icon to select from Always and Sometimes as your notification alerts option.

And that’s about it. Make sure Clubhouse has the requisite notifications permissions for your respective device and you should get the heads up when the person you want to hear from goes live.

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