Clubhouse: How To Start a Club

There’s a new kid in the block. Yes, we’re talking about Clubhouse, the audio-only social platform that’s generating all the hype in the virtual world. If you’re one of the few people who has received the invite to check it out, then you must have figured out how it basically works by now. 

Of all the things you can do on Clubhouse, there are ‘clubs’ that you can create and join for discussing various things with others on the platform. The following post can help you start and join a club inside Clubhouse and get started. 

Club on Clubhouse: What is it?

In Clubhouse, a club can be defined community where people can have engrossing conversations with others who share similar interests, activities, or identities. Think of it as Facebook groups but one where you can only interact with your voice. 

Just like groups on Facebook, a Clubhouse club will have founders, members, and followers. Founders will take up the role of admins and will decide who should be added to a club while members (like moderators) will have the responsibility to nominate others to join and send them to founders to review.

Only founders can add or remove members and can create public and private rooms for their followers to join. Members will get to create private club rooms to discuss with other members and founders. Followers are basically like the audience in a room, will only have access to public club rooms, and will be alerted when the club hosts a public room.  

How to start a Club on Clubhouse

Although they’re an integral part of Clubhouse’s functionality, they’re still very much an experimental feature, and creating one on the platform is a tricky affair. You can search for clubs to join pretty easily but if you wish to create one by yourself, then you would have to apply for one manually as there is no self-serving way to create one from within the Clubhouse app. 

When you send a request for a club creation, you may have to wait a little while before Clubhouse approves and sets it up for you. The service has also confirmed that users will be able to start clubs on their own in the near future once Clubhouse adds it as a self-serve feature. 

Until then, you will have to suffice with the following method for creating a club on Clubhouse. 

To get started, open the Clubhouse app and tap on your profile picture from the top right corner.

Inside your profile screen, tap on the gear icon at the top right corner.

Scroll down and select the ‘FAQ / Contact Us’ link on this screen.

When you click on the link, a webpage will load up on your iPhone. In this page, find the ‘How can I start a club’ section and click on the arrow on its left side.

This should expand the section revealing all the details about manually opening a club on Clubhouse. 

At the bottom of this section, tap on the ‘here’ link to get to the AirTable form. You can also go to this link to get to the page directly.

In the AirTable form page, you need to enter all the details for your club including the Club name, Club category, description, your name, your username, the title for a room, day and time, or regular meetup, your email address, and more. Once you enter all these details, you can tap on ‘Submit’ and wait for Clubhouse to approve your request.

Once your club is created, you will be notified about it and can then start using it. To check if your club has been created, you should be able to see the “Member of” badge on your Clubhouse profile.

How to Start a Club Room 

You can start taking part in a club once you’re a club founder or member. You can create public or private rooms within your club similar to how you can start a global room on Clubhouse. To do this, open the Clubhouse app and tap on the ‘Start a room’ at the bottom of the app’s home screen.

If you’re a founder or member of a club, you will be able to see the club’s icon and name appear below the usual ‘Open’, ‘Social’, and ‘Closed’ options to create a room. To create a room within your club, select the club icon you’re a part of.

Once you have selected your club, click on the ‘Let’s go’ button below to start a room in your club. 

When you create a room inside a club, it will be initiated as a closed club room and will only be visible to club members and founders. 


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