How To Nominate Someone on Clubhouse

Have you heard about Clubhouse? It’s the new audio-centric social media platform that helps you connect with users from around the world. The clubhouse app is still in the beta testing phase but it recently shot to fame after a huge rise in its stock prices, partly due to the exclusivity and partly due to the number of celebrities actively endorsing and using it. If you have been following the app then you will find that each profile shows a badge for nomination to let the public know which user was invited by whom. So if you are new to Clubhouse and would like to nominate your friends then how would you do so? Let’s find out!

How to nominate someone?

Well, there is no nomination for Clubhouse per se, the community seems to be using it as a term for the invitation process. Once you invite someone to Clubhouse, their profile will automatically show that they were nominated by you. Essentially, nominating someone is the same as inviting someone. 

This terminology comes as no surprise considering the air of exclusivity around the Clubhouse app and how the community wishes to ensure that everyone is accounted for themselves.  Think of nominations/invites as a seal of approval on your behalf to the person that you are inviting to the platform. 

Follow the guide below to invite someone to the Clubhouse app, which is essentially nominating someone on the platform.  

Note: Ensure that your invitee is on iOS before sending the invite as the Clubhouse app is currently only available for Apple devices. 

Open the Clubhouse app on your mobile device and tap on the ‘Mail’ icon at the top.

Grant the necessary permissions to the Clubhouse app if you are prompted. You will now be shown a list of all the contacts currently available on your device. Simply use the ‘Search bar’ at the top to find the contact you wish to invite.

Once found, tap on the ‘Invite’ icon beside the contact.

And that’s it! The contact will now be automatically invited to the Clubhouse app. If they are a registered user waiting in the queue, then they should be able to sign up now.

However, if the concerned contact is yet to sign up, then you will also be prompted to send them a sign-up link via any instant messenger of your choice. 

How many invites do you get on Clubhouse?

As stated earlier, invites and nominations are one and the same thing. This means that you will be able to nominate 2 users when you first join the Clubhouse app. As you participate in Clubhouse events and conversations you will be given access to more invites which will allow you to invite more and more people to the platform. 

We hope this guide helped clear the air around Clubhouse app nominations. If you have any more questions regarding Clubhouse, then feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below. 


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