What Does PTR Mean on Clubhouse?

Social Media platforms tend to develop their own lingo, especially acronyms. Whether it’s about sliding into someone’s DM or sending a Snap, every platform has terminologies that one becomes familiar with over time and with continued usage. Clubhouse, though relatively young compared to its counterparts, is already having certain acronyms that are used for actions that users can perform on the app. One such acronym that you will most likely hear a lot is PTR. Here’s what you need to know about this term, including its meaning. 

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What does PTR mean on Clubhouse?

PTR is short for ‘Pull To Refresh’  and sometimes it might also be the term for ‘Pull To Reveal’. You will hear this term from the stage whenever the speaker or moderator wants you to literally pull your screen down to refresh it. It can be considered as both a gesture and a call to action at the same time. 

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How to do PTR in Clubhouse app

Well, this is as common a gesture as you can get. Simply swipe downwards on the screen using your finger or thumb to do a pull-to-refresh gesture. Make sure it’s not a very short gesture as that might not register.

What happens when you pull the screen? 

If you are using Clubhouse, then you might have realized by now that there is no provision to share images.  As a roundabout solution to this problem, moderators and speakers update their profile picture to whatever they need in reference to the subject they are addressing. So the only way to share an image is to update one’s profile picture. 

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Two things happen when you pull to refresh the screen. First, the profile photo changes to reflect what the speaker wants to share with the audience, and second, the order of the room is updated. The speaker or moderator can call for a PTR for either purpose.

You can also PTR without any prompt from anyone just to check your position. Knowing your position in the queue is helpful if you want to be called on stage to ask a question or give your input on the subject being discussed. 

We hope you have found clarity on what the acronym PTR means and the purpose it serves. Take care and stay safe! 

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