4 Ways To Get Clubhouse Invite

Alpha Exploration Co’s Clubhouse app has become the most trending subject thanks to one tweet from Elon Musk. With its disappearing audio-only concept, one can totally see the draw of Clubhouse too.

This invite-only app that’s still in its beta phase is expected to be the next big Social Media platform with a massive opportunity for influencers, businesses, and marketers to make good money and gain exposure. Unfortunately, there is a case of short supply since this is an invite-only exclusive app.

So if you are feeling too impatient or wish to become an early adopter, then it’s important to overcome this particular impediment. Here are the most likely ways that you can acquire a Clubhouse invite. 

4 ways to get Clubhouse Invite

Currently, the Clubhouse Invite code can only be given by users who have been invited to the app by others. There are alternate hacks to acquire an invite and if you’re either really lucky or stay patient, one of these ways will really pay off. However, be wary of the scams and schemes that have been cropping up as a means to make money. Also, no matter which method you follow, make sure that your number is in the contact list of the person who invites you.

#1 Ask on social network

This method requires no payment and is a very safe one. Reach out to your friends/groups on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram and ask if anyone has an invite. It is possible that someone probably does and they will give you the code for free since they know you. If you do this in a close-knit group, then you can create a pass-it-onward free chain system that will be trustworthy and reliable.

#2 Get on the waiting list

Download the Clubhouse app, create an account and reserve your username if you haven’t done so already. Once you do this, you will be put on the waitlist automatically. If any family or friends already exist or eventually end up on the app, they can let you in when Clubhouse alerts them of your existence. This method will require a lot of patience and you may need a touch of luck as well.  

#3 Buy an invite

Users are actually selling invites to the Clubhouse App as a means to capitalize on the demand. Now that the demand for this app has grown exponentially, many want to get on-board before the app launches on Android and its final version is released and are willing to pay for it. If you are ready to shell out the money, there is a massive thread on Reddit like this one that offers invites at a particular cost: 

r/ClubhouseInvites Lounge from ClubhouseInvites

Invites are also being sold for $30 on the following websites:

For obvious reasons, we’d caution you to proceed to pay at these sites at your own risk as there’s no guarantee that you’ll get your invite after the payment process.

However, there has been quite a lot of positive feedback that these websites have gained recently.

Judging by the comments, you have a pretty good chance of getting your invite if you stick to the aforementioned websites. 

#4 Join a Free Chain

Users on Reddit are creating free invite chains to generate more invitations. You can comment to mark your spot in the line and once the user who is ahead of you gets an invite, they will pass on the benefit to you. Keep in mind that these chains are based on goodwill, so there is no guarantee that you will actually get an invite or that the person ahead of you will pass on the benefit to you.

Nevertheless, this way is free and you only need the patience to check the thread for your turn. Many of the chains are still active on Reddit like this one so do check them out. 

1 free clubhouse invite let’s make a free chain from ClubhouseInvites

Is Clubhouse Invite a must?

Yes, if you want to access the features of Clubhouse an invite is a must. Currently, the app is only available for Apple users and is in its beta phase. So the app is still being tested for issues and the userbase is intentionally being limited to an invitation-basis only.  

Why you can’t get a Clubhouse Invite easily?

 Only users who have been removed from the waitlist or have been invited by someone else can extend an invitation to another user. Even then, the number of invitations that a user has is severely limited. There is no set protocol in place that guarantees an invite. You must be invited by someone and that’s the fastest way in.  

Clubhouse Invite Limit

Users who downloaded the app at the end of 2020 have three to four invites to give away and any user joining now is not getting more than two invites. So the number of users who want in on this app is exponentially higher than the number of invites available right now. Even if you get access to the app at this point, you may not get more than one invite to give away. 

Clubhouse Invite Scams

From Buy-an-Invite to Pass-It-Onward schemes, you will find tons of threads on Reddit as well as websites like this one that are selling invite codes to join the Clubhouse app.

Unfortunately, there is no way to know whether the scheme is legit or not.

From the looks of it, users are selling their invitations for money to those who are desperate and in some cases, even bidding for an invite. Please be extremely careful, verify the invite code, check the legitimacy of the seller, ask around and be absolutely sure that the invite sale is not a scam before you pay to get an invite. 

How do you feel about Clubhouse? It’s very likely that this app is the next big thing on the Social Media front so it’s certainly worth checking out if you own an iOS device. Take care and stay safe!

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