Clubhouse: What Does the Celebration Emoji Mean?

The social media scene is now welcoming yet another entrant and it’s the San Francisco-based Clubhouse app which has been generating a lot of buzz over the past few months. Like any other established social platform prior to it, Clubhouse is building a solid userbase on an invite-only basis before it opens its doors for everyone else. 

If you’re one of the few users who have access to Clubhouse, then you might most definitely have noticed the celebration emoji or party emoji doing the rounds, but what exactly does that mean? We’ll help you explain that in detail in the post below. 

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What does the Celebration emoji mean in Clubhouse?

When you open the Clubhouse app on your iPhone, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll see the Celebration emoji or Party emoji right within the app’s home screen. Contrary to what you may think, the Celebration emoji has a whole different meaning inside Clubhouse.

While you might have previously seen the emoji used for happy occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and during New Year on other platforms, Clubhouse’s Celebration emoji is to indicate that you’re a new member of the app.

What does this symbol mean? from ClubhouseApp

This is to make sure that others know if the person in their contact list is a new user or an existing one.  The Celebration emoji can thus be helpful for existing users of Clubhouse to welcome new ones to the platform.

Besides that, the icon can also serve as an indicator to spot new users so that others can give them some time to get used to all the Clubhouse features and can also help them find their way around the app. As an added bonus, if a person you know but haven’t contacted in a long time joins Clubhouse, it gives you a reason to break the ice and start a conversation. 

Where can you see it?

Source: Twitter

The Celebration emoji should appear as an icon next to a user’s profile picture and this icon will only appear for new users of Clubhouse. If you joined Clubhouse recently, the Celebration emoji will also appear next to your profile picture and will be visible to others you’re connected to. 

The Celebration emoji is presently only visible on the Clubhouse app on iOS since the service is yet to be rolled out for Android owners. The platform has however announced that it has begun working on its Android app and the Celebration emoji can be expected to be part of the release. 

How long does the Celebration emoji appear for?

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Clubhouse will only show you the Celebration or party emoji for up to 7 days of you joining the app. This is to make sure that others know you only recently joined the audio-only social platform and you have been on the app for less than a week.

The celebration emoji will then disappear after seven days since you first joined the app and neither you nor others will be able to view it beyond that point. 

To learn more about the growing audio-only social media app, check out our dedicated Clubhouse section


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