Clubhouse: How to Change Your Name, Username, and Creator Alias

Clubhouse. The new social media platform that some, perhaps prematurely, are heralding as the next big thing in social media. Whether or not it turns out to be the one platform to rule them all remains to be seen — but what is clear is that Clubhouse is making waves in a big way.

Thanks in no small part to their invitation-only access and a steady stream of name-dropping a Who’s Who list of tech and business on their Twitter feed, Clubhouse has become the talk of the town on the Internet. But it’s not just who’s using it so much as how it’s used, that differentiates it from other platforms.

Operating something like Discord meets Zoom, Clubhouse aims to function like the game Second Life first did: as an online hangout space where the primary focus is on conversation and live participation.

In pursuit of that, the platform encourages users to use their actual legal name and a straightforward username, rather than a catchy Twitter handle or especially creative IGN, as most platforms do.

So much so, in fact, that name changing is something of a serious subject within Clubhouse – something you’ll be quick to realize once you eventually gain entry into the gated community of social media that Clubhouse is painting itself as.

Down below we will explain how to change your name on Clubhouse — be it your Clubhouse username or your legal name in the Clubhouse database.

How many times can you change your name on Clubhouse?

WARNING: Users should beware that you are only allowed to change either of your names “once in a while”. In the short term, you may change your username and your legal name once each. So, if you plan on using Clubhouse long-term, it may be best to save it if you ever expect to change the name you identify with in real life – for whatever reason.

How to Change Your Name on Clubhouse

Well, here you go.

Tap on your profile icon

How to Change Your Name on Clubhouse - profile

Begin by tapping on your profile icon in the upper right-hand corner of the main screen in Clubhouse.

(Option 1) Tap on your Username

How to Change Your Name on Clubhouse - Username Highlighted

Below your profile picture in the upper left-hand corner of your profile screen, you will see your legal name in bold letters as well as your Clubhouse handle pre-fixed with the at symbol. Make sure to tap on your Clubhouse handle — Tapping on the larger set of letters will indicate that you are trying to change your legal name. The difference is really only a few pixels so aim carefully.

(Option 2) Tap on Your Legal Name

How to Change Your Name on Clubhouse - Legal Name

The larger set of letters on your profile screen display your legal name. This is the name that others use to find you while looking for contacts within Clubhouse. Thus it is recommended you use your actual, legal name to avoid confusion and ease the process of finding people you know. Do make sure to aim carefully and tap the larger set of letters if you do in fact wish to change your legal name — it is easy to accidentally tap on your user name without realizing it.

(Option 3) Add a Creator Alias

Clubhouse lets you add an alias that you use publicly for your work/profession. It’s meant to be taken advantage by those of you who are well known in the public under a stage name, something different from your real name. You can create or change your Creator Alias by first tapping on your name inside your profile. 

You will now presented with two options. From here, select the ‘Add my creator alias’ option from the dialog. 

Input Your New Name/Username

How to Change Your Name on Clubhouse - Text

You will be shown a text box housing your current username, legal name, or creator alias. You may edit it or delete it and start over entirely with a brand new one.

In the case of your username, this is merely your surface-level name, the one that others in Clubhouse will see you and know you as. Note that you cannot create a username longer than 15 characters.

In the case of your legal name or creator alias, this is the name that the Clubhouse database uses to recognize your account and help others find/connect with you, and not what other users will see.

Once you’re satisfied with your changes go ahead and hit update.

Make Sure the New Name is Built to Last

How to Change Your Name on Clubhouse - Waraning

 Like we said earlier, Clubhouse only allows you to change your username, legal name, and alias one time — so make sure it’s what you want for the long-haul. This is especially true considering the invitation-only model the platform is currently riding. If you’re sure about your new name, go ahead and tap looks good.

And that’s about it for changing your name on Clubhouse. If you have any further questions, feel free to shoot them at us in the comments below — we always love to help.

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