Best Watch Faces for Samsung Galaxy/Active Watches

A ton of manufacturers have ventured into the smartwatch segment but it’s Samsung that offers the most functional and customizable bunch of watches (for Android lovers!) to compete against Apple’s offerings. If you own any generation of Samsung Galaxy Watch and love it, you can customize it to your own liking and the first thing you would like to tweak will be to apply another watch face. 

Below is a list of our picks for the best watch faces you can install and apply on your Samsung Galaxy watch in 2021. These watch faces are from the Galaxy Store, WatchMaker, and Facer store; all of which can be applied without much effort from your end.

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Going for a sophisticated look? These watch faces are designed to get the attention of everyone around you with different complications, dials, elements, and more. 

Tomcat (Gold Edition)

GRR White Purity

Black Chrono No.1

Kahuna Professional


Samsung Watches come no short in feature lists but if you want to take advantage of them, then these watch faces should make it work for you. You can apply any of these watch faces to check out all your watch info on a single screen. Among the information you can show on your watch screen are date, weather, time, notifications, appointments, fitness data, reminders, and some other complications. 

AG Digital XL


STE-FANO 12/24 H


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So you are a fitness enthusiast? We’ve got you covered. The following watch faces can give you a glimpse of your activity progress, heart rate, location, distance covered, calories burnt, speed, and more as you sweat it out. 

ACD Fitness Time

Delirium X Fitness

Fitness orologio Grafico

Core Sport V5.4 Multi-Function Redezign 2.1


This is for those of you who dream beyond the present and imagine what watches might be in the future. This unique bunch will earn you glances from others and you’ll definitely stand out for being geeky. 

Nexus Prime


Control Deck

New Trek


If you just want a glanceable look at your relevant info on your watch from time to time, then these watch faces should do exactly that in the least cluttered way possible. This is for all you minimalists out there!

Zen 3.1


Read Only Watch

Oui Oui

S1A Ganymede

Minimal Digilog: Orange

SB Rotation 2


Want to tune your Samsung watch exactly the way you want? These watch faces might just let you tweak whatever you want to do on your watch’s main screen. 

LAZ Quattro

LAZ Quattro Dark

LAZ SpecialOps Ice

CCWCF v.219 Cyborg v2

DigitalGrey Inverted


Do you want your smartwatch to remind you of something from your past? These retro watch faces will bring you a taste of the past, memories from your childhood, or a way to cherish the timepieces of yesteryears. 

ACD History Vikings

OD H12

STE-FANO 12/24 H

Knight project 30


Retro Digital


A lot of our technology needs to be credited to the level of imagination sci-fi movies inspired us with. If you’re a fan of any of the popular sci-fi franchises from the past, then these watch faces will let you adorn their badges with pride. 

Marvel Avenger Model 2

Death Star


GlobalDataControl Red


If you want to stand out in a crowd for good reasons and bad, these watch faces should garner the views of everyone around you. 

Hahaha watch face

Neon wave animated

Color Motion

Earth Rotation

Our Place Digital/Analog

Switchback V308

How to Install a Watch face on Samsung Watch

Once you have selected a watch face you like, you can go ahead and install one using any of the following methods, depending on where the watch face is available at. 

Using Galaxy Store

To install a watch face from one of the Galaxy Store links provided here, you can tap on the link from your browser which should open the app’s listing inside the Galaxy Store app. You can also browse and search for the selected watch face directly from your watch by touching and holding the watch face, swiping left on the edit mode, and then selecting Galaxy Store. 

Next, tap on the ‘Watch faces’ option. 

Now, find your watch face and then select ‘Install’. 

Once your selected watch face has been installed, you can tap the ‘Apply’ button on the screen. 

Using Facer

To install a watch face using Facer, you need to download the Facer app on your phone by using the links below:

After you have installed the Facer app on your phone, you need to download the Facer Companion watch app from the Samsung Galaxy App Store on your smartwatch. 

When the Facer app has been installed on both the watch and your phone, open the Facer app on your smartphone, select your watch’s name shown under the ‘Detected watch’ section, and tap on the ‘Next’ option. 

On your phone, click on any of the watch face links we mentioned that are hosted on Facer or search the name of the watch face on the Facer app. 

You can then apply a watch face by tapping the blue watch button on the screen. 

At this time, you will be asked to set Facer as your current watch face on the Samsung watch. For this, tap the ‘Set Facer on your watch’ option on your phone.

On your phone, you will be prompted to set Facer as your default watch face. Agree to it to apply any Facer watch face on your watch. 

When you set Facer as your watch face, the selected watch face should start loading on your Galaxy Watch. 

Using Watchmaker

If you selected a watch face provided by Watchmaker, then you can install them on your Samsung Watch by first installing the WatchMaker app on your smartphone. Depending on the phone that you primarily use, you can install the WatchMaker app using the links below or searching for “WatchMaker” on your phone’s app store. 

Since your watch will already be paired to your phone, Watchmaker should be available as a watch face on your watch. To select it, long-press on your watch display, swipe over to ‘Watchmaker’ and tap on it. 

You can now open the Watchmaker app on your phone and go to any of the watch face listings. If you’re reading this post on your phone, simply clicking on the watch face link will open its page on Watchmaker  You can also search for the specific watch face manually. 

To apply a watch face, select it inside the WatchMaker app and tap on the ‘Set Watchface’. 

Your watch will now apply the selected watch face and will vibrate when doing so. 

How to Choose a Watch face on your Samsung Watch

You can apply both pre-installed and new watch faces on your Samsung Watch in the same way. To do this, press the Power key on your Samsung smartwatch and select the ‘Settings’ app from the list of options. 

Inside Settings, go to Display > Watch Faces and then select the ‘Select watch face’ option to see all the watch faces available on your watch. You can then tap on the watch face you want to select to apply it as your watch’s main screen.

Alternatively, you can access a list of all watch faces by touching and holding on the home screen. You can then swipe left or right on the Edit mode to go through your available options and select the watch face you like by tapping on it.

Additionally, you can modify a watch face’s elements and style by tapping on the ‘Customize’ option (or Stylize option for Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro) before selecting a watch face from inside the Edit mode.  

That’s all we have to share about watch faces on Samsung Galaxy or Galaxy Active smartwatches.


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