Samsung Galaxy Watches May Have Square Design in the Future

What to know

  • Rumors suggest that future Samsung Galaxy Watches may have a square design.
  • There are no confirmations, nor any leaks to confirm this, only an early wave of speculations.    

Rumors and speculations abound when it comes to talking about future tech. Even though certain things are taken for granted, such as the round design of Samsung’s Galaxy smartwatches, there’s always room for change. News is emerging out of tech outlets that future iterations of the Samsung Galaxy Watch could go back to its roots and flaunt the square design that we’ve not seen since Samsung started making smartwatches over a decade ago. 

Future Galaxy Watches: Back to Square One?

Design trends tend to come and go in a circular regularity. Such could be the case for future Samsung Galaxy watches as well which began with a square design on its debut watch the Galaxy Gear. Even though later iterations ditched the square design for the simplicity of a circular design, which also allowed them to experiment with rotating bezels, Samsung may be mulling a return to the square (or somewhat rectangular) design. 

But there are very real advantages and disadvantages that both shapes bring to the table, and it’s important to at least acknowledge them. Aesthetically, most people would agree the circular Galaxy watches are by and large more pleasing to the eye, and easily recognizable from afar as being a Galaxy Watch. Then there’s the rotating bezels, a fan favorite that returned from the dead only on popular demand. 

A square design does not compare. A square display lets you read notifications better (which is why our other screens have edges) and is also easier for app developers. It will allow Samsung to set its Galaxy smartwatches apart from other Android-based smartwatches. But will it sit as simply and easily as a circular watch? That’s something that folks at Samsung would have to decide. We only hope they put the needs of the user who’s going to wear the smartwatch above any business or marketing plan that they may be devising.   

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