4 Reasons Why Nvidia’s RTX AI PCs Are the Next Big Thing

What to know

  • Nvidia’s RTX AI PCs are Copilot+ PCs that far exceed Microsoft’s requirements for an AI PC.
  • The RTX GPUs on Nvidia’s AI PCs provide GPU acceleration to AI features that make them several times faster compared to those without RTX GPUs.
  • Nvidia’s RTX AI PCs also include several exclusive tools like Nvidia ACE and RTX Remix that supercharge games, AI development, daily productivity, and much more.
  • Expect RTX AI PCs to arrive by this year’s holiday season. 

The race to make the best AI PCs has begun! After Microsoft launched the controversial Copilot+ PCs, several other companies are rushing to build AI right into their computers. 

Now NVIDIA too has a horse in the race and, by the looks of it, their AI PCs are here to change the PC industry. Here’s everything you need to know about NVIDIA RTX AI PCs and why they are the next big thing.

NVIDIA RTX AI PCs are here!

Forget Copilot+ PCs! Nvidia’s new RTX AI PCs blow it out of the AI waters by a long shot. Technically, they are Copilot+ PCs themselves and they meet the requirements set by Microsoft for a PC to be considered AI-enabled. But there are several AI features that are exclusive to Nvidia RTX AI PCs that give them a big boost. In fact, RTX AI PCs not only meet the requirements for AI PCs, but exceed it by a fair margin.

Where leading chip makers like Qualcomm and Intel have NPUs that max out at 100 TOPS (Trillions or Tera Operations per Second), Nvidia’s offering has AI computing power of well over 600 TOPS. 

Unlike the NPU present in CPUs by Intel, Qualcomm, and AMD, Nvidia is running these AI features on the basis of their RTX GPUs alone. And the end result is there for all to see.  

Here’s why NVIDIA RTX AI PCs are the next big thing

Although there isn’t a single thing that makes an Nvidia RTX AI PC, it appears computers with the latest RTX 40-Series GPU, in conjunction with chips with built-in NPUs, are what Nvidia is calling RTX AI PCs. 

Along with an exceptionally powerful RTX GPUs, these AI PCs by Nvidia are decked with several exclusive features that elevate these computers to new heights. Here’s why we think Nvidia RTX AI PCs are the next big thing.  

1. Exceptionally fast AI (30x faster AI Model training)

Being the primary source for chips powering all the AI servers of the world, Nvidia is ideally placed to making its own AI PCs. And when it delivers its own AI PCs, you better believe they’re going to be fast. On RTX AI PCs, AI model training is 30x faster than on PCs without an RTX GPU. For developers as well as the end user, this level of performance is unprecedented, and is bound to supercharge AI modelling.


Nvidia ACE is a collection of technologies that enable developers to use generative AI to create AI non-playing characters, digital humans, and interactive avatars. 

NVIDIA ACE | NVIDIA x Inworld AI - Pushing the Boundaries of Game Characters in Covert Protocol

Apart from providing safe and consistent results, ACE technologies include NVIDIA Inference Microservices (NIM) that developers can run locally on their PCs or deploy and operate on the cloud. ACE will go a long way in breathing life into game characters and could usher in a new era for PC gaming. ACE’s technologies are also ideally suited in bringing AI-powered customer service capabilities to several industries, including retail, healthcare and financial services.  

3. AI-powered gaming, app development, content creation, and productivity

RTX GPUs are in a class of their own when it comes to their AI processors. Compared to Apple M2 Ultra (which is what Nvidia is using for reference), Nvidia’s RTX 4090 is several times faster in just about every department. Be it content creation, gaming, productivity, or model training, Nvidia’s GPU consistently outperforms Apple’s best-in-class chips. 

Here are some of the comparisons that Nvidia’s put up on their website for the different categories:

Content Creation

RTX 4090 delivers particularly well when it comes to photo and video editing, 3D rendering, and AI image generation. 

Immersive Gaming

Expect an even more immersive gaming experience than before with DLSS on the latest AAA titles. 

Accelerated Development 

RTX 4090 comprehensively beats Apple M2 Ultra when it comes to coding and model training as well.  

Enhanced Productivity

Faster performances with TensorRT-LLM lead to enhanced productivity. 

4. RTX accelerated Gen-AI

On Nvidia RTX AI PCs, all generative AI apps receive GPU acceleration. This is something that’s currently not possible for Windows Copilot though Microsoft is now expected to make the change and provide GPU acceleration for all AI tasks on Windows.

Additionally, several RTX tools are also receiving AI updates including the likes of RTX Remix, RTX Super Resolution, AI upscaling, and ChatRTX. 

Create A Personalized AI Chatbot with ChatRTX

We are now at the cusp of a major tectonic shift in not just the implementation of AI but also the raw capacities that PCs have, for it is this primarily that enable AI features and make them functional in the first place. 

All major manufacturers, including HP, Dell, Acer, Asus, MSI, Razer, and many more are working to bring RTX AI laptops by the end of this year. So, possibly by this time next year, we can expect Nvidia’s RTX AI laptops start to become more prevalent which should go a long way in changing the tech landscape. 

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