Turn Your Wear OS Watch Into a Gesture-Based Mouse With the WowMouse App

There’s a new app called WowMouse on the Google Play Store that can turn your existing Wear OS smartwatch into a mouse that can control other devices. Developed by Doublepoint, WowMouse can convert a Wear OS device into a gesture-enabled mouse that can be connected to other devices (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and iPadOS) via Bluetooth. 

The app uses gesture detection algorithms that can mimic the click of a mouse button when you hit your thumb and index finger together in a pinching-like motion. You can use your wrist and move it around to move the mouse pointer to your desired position. This is possible using the arm motion data that’s available on modern wearables. 

Control ANYTHING with your Smartwatch by Doublepoint

According to the app’s documentation, you can install the WowMouse app on any device running Wear OS 2 or above. However, Doublepoint recommends that you use Samsung Galaxy Watch 4/5/6 or TicWatch E3/Pro 3 to gain full functionality.

The company says its tap detection algorithm isn’t reliable when you install the app on a Pixel Watch. You won’t be able to use the app on an Apple Watch either since watchOS does not support Bluetooth HID mode. 

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