Does OnePlus Watch have Voice Calling?

OnePlus has finally made its entry to the wearable market as it releases the OnePlus Watch, a more affordable alternative to Apple’s Watch Series. The company’s first smartwatch (if you like us don’t consider the OnePlus Band a smartwatch) is hitting the shelves for a price of $159 offering users a 14-day battery, AMOLED screen, GPS, NFC, HRV detector, Blood oxygen monitor, sleep tracker, and more. 

With an extensive feature set, does OnePlus’ smartwatch do the most essential thing it’s supposed to do that is voice calling? That’s what we’re going to discuss in this post. 

Does OnePlus Watch have voice calling?

OnePlus Watch - Smart Everywear

Yes. OnePlus’ first entry to the smartwatch segment comes with voice calling. You can make calls and also receive incoming ones right within your wearable, all thanks to the dedicated microphone and speaker modules built on the OnePlus Watch. 

What calling features are available on the OnePlus Watch?

When your OnePlus Watch is paired with a compatible device via Bluetooth, you can make and receive phone calls directly on the watch with the help of the native Phone app on the wearable.

Using the Phone app on the watch, you can check your contacts, see your call logs, and open up the dial pad to manually enter a phone number to make a call. 

Additionally, you can use the OnePlus Health App on your phone to save as many as 30 phone numbers on your OnePlus Watch for quick access. 

There’s an added highlight for OnePlus TV owners. When you receive an incoming call while your TV is turned on, the TV’s volume goes down automatically so that you can take the call peacefully without facing any kind of distractions. 

Does OnePlus Watch have native cellular support?

Unlike the Apple Watch, OnePlus’ offering doesn’t have dedicated LTE support built within. Instead, the OnePlus Watch relies on the Bluetooth connection it has with the Android phone it is paired to. 

Bluetooth calling requires you to first set up your OnePlus Watch using the OnePlus Health App on the phone. You will be prompted to allow the Health app access to make and receive phone calls. This access is what enables Bluetooth calling on the OnePlus Watch. 

When your watch is successfully paired with your phone, all your calls will be relayed onto the watch in real-time just like texts, and other notifications. 

Can you use OnePlus Watch for private phone calls?

By default, all incoming and outgoing calls will use the mic and speaker units of the OnePlus Watch. But if you want to have a conversation privately without others listening in on your discussion, you can do that by pairing Bluetooth earphones directly with your watch and then going on with your phone call.

This way, you can not only hold your calls privately but also avoid lifting your wrists awkwardly in public to have a clear conversation. 

That’s all we have to share with you about voice calling on the OnePlus Watch. 


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